Kuromukuro 20, Delta 21, Sousei 20


Kuromukuro 20 has Yukina creeping around the Efidolg station, wisely realizing that she would have to make her own way out of there, which doesn’t exactly turn out to be the case, but it’s better than sobbing alone or getting stabbed by Mirasa. Also, it gives us more backstory as she stumbles, by amazing coincidence, into a device that gives us convenient flashbacks of nasty Efidolg invasions and the fact that Muetta’s (?) mecha has been repaired. We also get some cosmic bits that make no sense either to her or to us. Another odd thing she discovers is the top of her/Muetta/Yukihime’s head, with things attached to it. How many of these girls are there? At any rate, lucky for her she has the same DNA as Muetta and can prowl about in top-secret areas, though I must say the security systems up there aren’t the best.

Oh, great, another Hime, and this one's not even complete.
Oh, great, another Hime, and this one’s not even complete.

Meanwhile Kennosuke and Muetta ride the green beam back to the spaceship (so THAT’S how they were going to get up there!), and all of the bad guys are a bit befuddled. Didn’t she already get sent up? But soon enough everyone’s on the run, the demon-guy, done with his chat with Sophie, shows up at just the right moment, using his wings above the atmosphere, and the good guys, plus Muetta, actually manage to escape. Why the Efidolg leader THEN announces that they’re come down is a mystery. They knew about the hinge-stone already; they could have descended any time they want. No matter, it means more battling on earth. I wonder what parts of the Prefecture are going to get smashed this time?

Walkure, the early years.
Walkure, the early years.

Macross Delta 21 is a bag of an episode where they toss in various, random backstories and poorly-connected fragments of plot, and shake it around for a while. While the girls are loafing around in prison we get a brief history of Walkure, the most interesting part being that they weren’t very effective for a good period of time, and slowly got better. Rather pleased to see they weren’t a miracle of a team from the start, even if Mikuno wasn’t there yet. As for Mikumo’s dark secret, we pretty much already figured it out. But why do they always stick clones in a vat of fluid instead of a regular hospital bed? And then there’s Windemere, where we STILL don’t know how much Roid knows or doesn’t know, except he’s at a loss too these days. My guess is he’s going to go after Mikuno to replace Heinz as the Star-Singer that will connect all minds, and the Aerial Knights will turn on him for it. Berger will have something more to do, too. I wish this show would get another battle going soon. It’s been too long.

Sousei no Onmyouji 20 looks to all the world like a final episode, at least for this season yet there’s more to go.


We start with Benio and her new legs kicking Yuuto’s ass for a couple of minutes. Benio does rage well; that and her abilities, and the fact that Yuuto is too busy getting beaten up to spout any smirking lines, made me smile. It looks good too. Not sure about the show’s animation budget, but there is enough color and stylistic things going on to make up for it. Alas, the legs have some kind of time limit, and soon Yuuto is back to his smirking self. So now that Benio’s had her moment of coolness, Rokuro steps up for his turn. At one point he gets a big hole in his midriff, but it’s only a flesh wound, and, with the help of either the spirits or the symbolic emotional power of those kids he couldn’t rescue pushing him up, they force Yuuto to his true, more colorful form, more punches, and Yuuto FINALLY plunges into the depths of wherever, i.e, he’s not dead yet.


That was all very well done, but the episode’s only half over. They go back and get confronted by the Twelve, get told they should have waited, etc, now they should just hang back, have that miracle baby and let the others do the fighting, at which point Rokuro does maybe the best thing he’s done all season, he spits on the prophecy. No way is he going to put that much pressure on his unborn child; he’ll destroy the Kegare himself. I absolutely love it when characters in a story refuse to accept their ancient fate. They have free will, they’ll do things their own way, thank you! And so Arima sets a two-year waiting period. End of story for now, and again, the show acts like it’s over, only to tease us with an (ahem) two-year time jump for next week. So, is this show going to go through another cours before stopping for now, or are they just going to dither out the final few episodes and take a break?


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