Delta 22, Kuromukuro and Sousei 21

I think Macross Delta is misplaying its story; I just can’t get excited over anything that’s happening at the moment. We start in Windemere where Bogue states the obvious: if Heinz dies or is otherwise unable to sing, they can’t use the ruins to control minds and their entire galaxy-domination plan goes kerflooy, and those guys only live to around 30 anyway. No one seems to have a solution. This could be part of my problem right here; the enemy is so wrapped up in their internal problems that they can’t mount an effective offense. And the good guys didn’t do anything to make this happen, unless that contact with Mikumo has accelerated Heinz’s illness.


As for Mikumo, I’m not clear on this … How long has she been aware that she’s a clone and only three years old? It doesn’t seem like a shock to her. It’s everyone else who’s worried. But Mikuno has always been a a cypher, early in the episode even more so. A brief scene with Hayate might have been put there to show her settling in on her goal, that is, to sing, but when she rejoins the group her positive words sound rote. Maybe she said them to reassure everyone else. Also, Freyja’s sudden inability to sing didn’t seem natural. I understand that she’s worried about setting off Hayate again, but the whole situation seemed forced, or maybe it was so we get to see Mikumo slapping her. As for Cassim’s death, his whole story wasn’t set up well enough for me to care, though I enjoyed Hayate’s attempt to rescue him at the end. Yeah, not much in this series is working as well as it could right now.


Kuromukuro 21 starts with the necessary welcome back bits, and putting Muetta under arrest (and we learn her origin, not that we hadn’t figured it out) and the demon showing up and giving exposition while no one shoots him. So I figured all this time that he was actually Yukina’s father, warped in some way, but now I’m not so sure, even with that watch he’s wearing and the quick flashback. This means the mystery of what happened to daddy is nowhere closer to being explained, and they don’t have a lot of episodes left to do it, not when, in the second half, the shit hits the fan in a big way.

Here they come!
Here they come!

And actually, on the surface it all looks hopeless. The Efidolg forces launch everything they got, and it all looks doomed from the start. The odds are, say 1000 to six, not counting all those powerless, tax-wasting (nice line Sebastian) regular forces. What follows are a lot of fights with some individual duels thrown in. Shenmei fights bravely but is outmatched. Tom beats up a lot of headless robots and gets rescued. Kennosuke/Yukina/Zell duke it out in the skys and under water with that one guy … not sure what happened at the end of that battle, but they manage to pull Tom out.

Well, at least he died well.
Well, at least he died well.

The most satisfying duel is between Sebastian and Muetta, even though it ends in the death of both. You knew Sebastian wouldn’t let Sophie get hurt. The saddest part was Sophie, who can fight with the best of them but not being allowed to, watching Sebastian sacrifice himself for her. Well, I figure the worst is over. Next week (this week, actually), the good guys will regroup in their respective places, Muetta, Kennosuke/Yukina/Zell/Tom, and we’ll start getting the counterattack.

Actually, Mayura does pretty well on her first mission.
Actually, Mayura does pretty well on her first mission.

After all that happened last time I didn’t expect much action from Sousei no Onmyouji 21, instead, I thought we’d get a filler thing. It’s two years later and they have to catch us up, after all. But not much has changed. Our lovebirds act the same way toward each other as they always did, but there are some changes. Mayura is now an adorable exorcist in her own right. Rokuro works harder, is more confident, and all of a sudden girls are starting to like him. Interesting that this doesn’t bring up any jealousy, ineptly suppressed, from either Benio or Mayura, so I figure it’s just them for the love triangle now. But they have to start a new story sooner or later, so there are “holes” showing up, a sickness going around, and a mysterious, cute little girl they find in that bad area, which, alas, drives the episode into cute little girl territory. Hope they wrap up her story quickly because I don’t know how much I can handle of her.


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