Delta 23-4. Kuromukuro 22-3, Sousei 22

Not such a happy memory, but pretty to look at.
Not such a happy memory, but pretty to look at.

Macross Delta 23 makes you wonder what CHAOS and all those other guys were thinking, sending the Walkure to the enemy stronghold without much of a backup. Okay, getting through that gate last week was tricky, but they should have had a better plan in mind. In the first half of this episode the good guys hang out in separate groups mainly to chat until the time comes to get captured, well, Makina, Reina, Arad, and Kaname are still out there, but they’re not central characters. Mikumo shows off some super powers before she goes down, possibly to be a tool for Roid thanks to some exotic words. For the others it’s guilt-trip time as Hayate is taken to the place where his dad dropped The Bomb. We still don’t know what’s going on with that, or with Mikumo, or with Roid, and even at 27 episodes (says ANN), more than most two-cours, they’re running out of time to wrap it all up adequately.


We get no real answers to any of the questions in #24, but at least the good guys are off that cold planet. We start with the expected kangaroo court scene, softened by Freyja and Heinz’s talk about music and compare notes about their own performance, before they’re inevitably condemned to death. But we know there’s going to be a dramatic rescue scene since Berger showed them the relic of the plane, which we hear can actually fly. Hayate’s behavior during the walking the plank bit suggests that he knew what was coming, or at least suspected, while we at home waited for the plane to show up. Didn’t expect the other planes, or for the planned attack on the ruins to continue as planned, including the music backup, bit of stretch of plot there, but at least something was happening. That is, until Mikumo debuted as the Star Singer and screwed everyone up on both sides. Well, they got out, and I’m sure Makina’s fine. But again they put off the questions for another time. Not to mention the question of what Roid’s going to do with Mikumo

Yeah, well, don't take it personally.
Yeah, well, don’t take it personally.

Now to catch up with Kuromukuro … Episode 22 at least (haven’t seen 23 yet) is understandably quiet after all the bad news last time. Both sides are settling in and doing the things they should be doing. Edidolg’s side start to raise the lost pieces and stick them with the others so they can, as we discover, make a wormhole for their main fleet. There is no hint of dissent or doubt on their side now, so no one’s going to screw up their plans from inside, now that Muetta’s outside. Rather annoyed that Mirasa didn’t buy it last episode as it makes Sebastian’s sacrifice less meaningful, though he did save Sophie, who sadly mutters that he shouldn’t have gone to the trouble. Elsewhere among the good guys, we mourn Sebastian, hear a lot of talk about things being real bad, learn about Takehito’s sad demise, and Muetta runs off to god-knows-where looking for god-knows-what, so Yukina searches for her, nearly dies in the snow (wonder about the reference to her dad’s death there), and winds up naked with Muetta for a while, mainly to please certain members of our audience. But the big question remains: how did Zeru manage to get Amazon to deliver packages to him?

After all that I believed the action, or at least the story, would get back up to speed in ep23. Sadly …

About the only action we get this episode.
About the only action we get this episode.

I guess after the regrouping they did last time, the good guys decided it would be a good idea to do even more. So we get a lot of nonsense and a lot of talk about how the nonsense is necessary because we’re probably all going to die soon. Oh, some character work is done; Muetta hangs out with the schoolkids, discovers she likes omelet-rice, gets some decent life advice from Marina, and later, Kennosuke, who has had career worries of his own dumped on him, not to mention a weird story about frogs using butter to escape a pail, asks her to fight alongside him as equals. And everybody makes a silly movie. There’s no mention of counterattacks, or even strategies, nor any word from the world outside, who must be concerned about the UN base being turned into a snowdome. Meanwhile, Efidolg goes about its business, raising up the completed stone to begin their invasion. Hope the good guys had enough fun.

Suzu injects some fun into the eternal war with demonic folk.
Suzu injects some fun into the eternal war with demonic folk.

Sousei no Onmyouji 22 … oh, damn, there’s that kid again. Fortunately she takes a back seat during most of the episode’s events, which is a “dragon spot” opening up and allowing kegare to roam freely on earth. So everyone goes off to seal the hole and get rid of the corrupting smoke which is making everyone who’s not a regular character fall sick (heightened magic abilities–at least they gave a decent excuse). It’s all better than watching Sae act cute for an episode, but not very interesting, except for the basara Suzu, who finds the hole, traipses into our world with her entourage, boombox, and death metal music, to administer some actual justice to an asshole who deserted his girlfriend. Then, after a look at the good guys, especially Sae, she sashays back to Magano. I don’t think I could tolerate her presence for long, especially when they let her song and dance routines run so long, but for a brief time I thought her existence in the show refreshing.

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