Kuromukuro 24-5, Delta 25, bye-bye Sousei

Kuromukuro 24 has the big battle, but it felt rather small. I said last time that I wondered what the rest of the world was doing while the Efidolg was busy getting ready to upload the hinge stone. Maybe they haven’t been checking out their answering machine because this battle was between all the regulars with some extra soldiers thrown in. You knew the battle would go well when these soldiers aren’t treated like cannon fodder but actually deliver timely shots that save GAUS pilots’ butts, and so the whole thing is a success. No one had to make a noble sacrifice and die honorably, though just about every character made such a declaration at one point or another in the episode. Well, apart from Kennosuke and Yukina, who trusted their lives to each other, a nice moment made silly by his marriage offer, which, of course, everyone hears. In fact, they gain a life, since Sebastian returns (at just the right time to bail out Sophie–this battle has a few too many “in the nick of time” moments).

Well, it LOOKS formidable, but ...
Well, it LOOKS formidable, but …

Apart from those moments it’s a pretty good battle, maybe for me because I didn’t really know what the good guys were up to. Why were Ken/Yukina fighting alone? What about the GAUS people? And so the strategy worked. The necessary people showed up to bail out the ones who needed it (in the nick of time! Over and over), while the others snuck in to the still fully functional headquarters and rebooted it. Frankly, Efidolg didn’t fight very well. Typical bad-guy arrogance. I don’t think they expected the enemy to have improved, not only in skill but with firepower; I mean, in episode 2 those shots would have bounced right off. The two efildog robots fusing to make the Final Boss made me think that casualties would finally occur, but they (thanks to Yukina, of all people, perhaps channeling her inner Yukihime. I hope they remember to explain that) defeat it with little trouble. I’m a little shocked. Did ANYONE on our side die in this fight? I figured Tom might. Well, it’s all good. Now to figure out what those 220-odd cycles amount to before the next invasion.


And in #25, the battle is won! Hooray! Now things can get depressing. Everyone in the show has to figure out what to do next, starting with the high school buddies, most of it predictable. Nice to see Ryoto is still determined to pass exams and join the mecha military. I’m also not worried about Jundai; it’s not that he has an overreaching goal in life, but his desire to film and broadcast minute-by-minute will keep him moving toward something. Wish Mika had an idea, but there’s nothing to say a highschooler should know exactly what she wants to do with the rest of her life. As for Jose, who cares? Then we move on to adults, including Tom, now not fully human but fine with it, burning some unseen orders and having to work with Liu again, to his, er, delight.

Well, yeah, but ...
Well, yeah, but …

Then it’s the main characters’ turn, and it gets more unpleasant. The UN, having won for now, is pushing people around. Hiromi is canned, poor Muetta has a hard time, forced to wear a neck thing like Kennosuke once had, and being (mis)treated as a spy. Almost as sad is Zeru, whose work is done and wants to return to his home world and fight there. But the giant earth forces stand in his way. Kennosuke is disgusted by all of this, and so we reach the big emotional moment, when he decides to go off with Zeru and fight, if they can. Being a samurai this is appropriate for him, but also he decides not to take Yukina along. As Ryoto said earlier, in a rare moment of clarity, she shouldn’t have to live her life on a battlefield. Of course, Yukina isn’t very happy with this decision, and once again in this series, we see how powerless she is. In this episode we see this is true for everyone.

A bit of cuteness before bad stuff starts happening.
A bit of cuteness before bad stuff starts happening.

Macross Delta 25 is a long, deep breath before the big fighting begins. First we have to take care of a few matters. We learn that Hayate’s dad, told to destroy the protoculture ruins with that dimensional weapon, actually carried it away to lessen the casualties. Berger tells them more things, much of it steeped in franchise lore that I never learned or have forgotten, but it makes us all wonder, not for the first time, just who the hell Lady M is and what she’s on about. Oh, NUNS is going to blow up Windemere and our fleet is ordered to Ragnak because that’s the other important ruins site for galactic control, which is lucky because the captive Mikumo, still in thrall of that phrase, is ordered to sing and so all the NUNS fleet goes boom with their own weapons. This is right at the end, and after a long introspective session where everyone swears they will protect or defend something, much like he Kuromukuro guys did, come to think of it, only we’ll have to wait for next week to see it. Lots of angles to play at, but I think Walkure will have to rescue Mikumo somehow, and maybe Heinz with him. Oh, Hayate’s fight with Keith for a bit, and Bogue will take another shot at Freyja.

Bye guys.
Bye guys.

And finally, I’m going to say goodbye to Sousei no Onmyouji. I let out a sigh last season when I learned it would run for another, but now I learn they intend to keep it up for a whole year. Sorry, I don’t like the show that much, and with my time strictly limited now–I don’t even know if I’m going to watch any shows next season (though things will hopefully lighten up next year)–it’s time to prioritize.

BTW, sorry, but I may not cover the new shows for the Fall season. But I’m not abandoning this blog entirely.

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