Abbreviated new shows fall 2016 1

With my schedule being what it is I don’t have the time to look at as many new shows, let alone follow them. so I’m afraid that this season I will be a lot more picky about what I’ll watch and skip shows I would normally take a look at. Sorry about that. As usual I’ll follow with the order given on the Random Curiosity preview page, and I’ll start with the first coherent image from each episode one.  Here we go …

I got bogged down in the first season of Bubuki Buranki, so I’ll skip this new one.

Shuumatsu no Izetta starts with little floaty things that will be important later.
Shuumatsu no Izetta starts with little floaty things that will be important later.

Which takes us to Shuumatsu no Izetta, where we see a girl named Fine chasing around the woods with her dog until she discovers floating glowing things which leads to a redhead floating there. Jump to 1939 and Germania invading everybody, and threatening the tiny country of Eylstadt (Austria, or part of it) where Fine is princess. She’s on a train to a neutral country (Switzerland) to meet with a rep from Britannica (you know) to agree to marry their prince if Britannica helps out Eylstadt in the war. Oh, Germania soldiers and some sinister officers are chasing them around in a train for a while. She’s captured eventually, and, wouldn’t you know it, winds up on the same plane as the top secret thingy where guess who is kept in cold storage. It’s a happy meeting, things blow up, and so WW Whatever gets a little crazier.

Hell of a way to meet an old friend.
Hell of a way to meet an old friend.

Not bad, a little darker than the promo picture with the redhead floating on a bazooka would suggest. Fine has two subjects watching over her, they act like they’re going to be regulars, but they’re both killed. Fine reminded me of Chiko from Daughter of Twenty Faces, brave and resourceful. Too soon to tell about the witch yet. There’s a hint of yuri about between the two girls as well. On the other hand, the whole rewriting of WWII is simplistic and you can be sure, as dark as the show might get, that the atrocities of that war will mostly be left out. They’re just using the war as a framework to tell their story. Also, I didn’t care for how the show ogled Fine in the shower. So some good and bad. But in my current state I won’t watch any more.

It's always old in the Working world.
It’s always cold in the Working! world.

Working! was okay, Working!! was excellent, didn’t finish the third one, and now we got WWW.Working!, based on the webcomic. We meet Daisuke, the new kid at Wagnaria, where he works because his dad went bankrupt (Tou otousan!, or something like that). He spends the rest of the episode meeting the rest of the staff, all of them weird, especially the girls, and watching them interact while finding a niche for himself. In other words it’s just like the previous Working(!!!) but with different weird characters.

All Wagnarias are the same, apparently.
All Wagnarias are the same, apparently.

It’s off to a good start. One thing the first three seasons had trouble doing was finding a comic rhythm, but when it found it the series was terrific. This new series has the comic framework already in place and so the obligatory introduction episode avoided the problems such episodes usually have. The new characters all have potential for fun. My favorites at the moment are Miyakoshi and Sayura. I’m a little concerned about Daisuke. He’s too normal right now and his family are more annoying than funny–I miss the Takanashi sisters already, but that’s about the only thing I missed this episode, well, apart from Popura, of course. I may have to keep this one.

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku … a dark take on magical girls. I can’t deal with anything heavy this season, so no. … VIVid Strike is another take on a franchise I never watched in the first place, so no. Never got far with Uta no Prince-sama, so not going to watch this new one … Not interested in wrestling, so going to skip Tiger Mask W. Never watched the first Gundam Orphans, so no …

Those colors, this is Show by Rock all right.
Those colors, this is Show by Rock all right.

Let’s look at Show by Rock!!#. I was one of those strange people who liked the first season, not that I’d put it on any list. What will they do for an encore? Well, we start with our newest villain, the Queen of Darkness, as she and her armada launch a “black hole Canon” beam at Planet Sound, and everything blows up. It looks bad, so some folks go back in time to stave off the attack, leading us to Plasmagica, minus Cyan, Criticrista, and those Key guys bickering(and thus reintroducing themselves) about a big concert. Then they announce an earlier, bigger concert, everyone goes off to play, but are interrupted by an evil girls group, and it looks bad until the future group actually called Ninjinriot, interrupt the interruption. Oh, Cyan, back in reality, tries to write a song but an armored suit enters her bedroom and carries her off, hopefully to Midi City.

A look at all the characters that matter except Cyan.
A look at all the characters that matter except Cyan.

Yeah, the show never cared much about a coherent story, that and the nuttiness they use to replace it are one of the things I liked about the original. I think this episode made a misstep in not showing us Cyan until nearly the end, since I for one was waiting for her to appear. Meanwhile, everyone else in the cast goes through their motions until she does, which isn’t a bad thing, though I get a little tired of all the Shingan Crimsonz members having to deliver a line at once, entertaining as some of then are. Not sure if I want to keep watching this with my schedule and all, but since there’s no significant drop in quality I’ll keep it in mind.

What’s next … Touken Ranbu–I think I’ve seen people play that game on Niconico, but no … Idol Memories–no … 12-Sai. Chicchana Mune no Tokimeki, didn’t watch the first season, so no … Stella no Mahou, maybe later … Trickster looks interesting but heavy and I want silliness for the time being, so no … Shakunetsu no Takkyuu Musume–no. TO BE CONTINUED …


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