Abbreviated new shows Fall 2016 3

Girlish Number starts with a shot of subway stairs.
Girlish Number starts with a shot of subway stairs.

I went into Girlish Number expecting cute girls doing seiyuu things, but was taken aback. We start at an anime live event where the girls say sparkling things into the microphones and snarky things to each other, and we meet newbie Chitose, whose been getting bit parts for a year and has a bit of a half-assed attitude toward it all, beginning to realize, as almost everyone says this episode, that there’s something wrong with the industry. The head snarkers is an actress who thinks she’s above it all and whose name I didn’t catch, and, er, Momoka, a young blond thing who hasn’t learned how not to be insulting and really doesn’t care. Chitose comes to like her, for now. Anyway, Chitose’s picked pretty much at random to star in a series, and whatever qualms she has is overcome by greed and ego, Gahahaha!

She doesn't really mean it.
She doesn’t really mean it.

It’s a good first episode. We watch as Chitose watches and hears all these veterans say cynical things and wonders what her job as seiyuu really means anymore. Is it to do voices, to wear skimpy, frilly costumes and sing for fanboys? At the same time, she is a little lazy and selfish, led by the same base desires everyone has, which makes her more entertaining to watch than a “happier” show could give us. Don’t know if I want to put up with all the bitchy rivalries the show is promising us, but hopefully they’ll even things out somehow. A definite maybe.

Drifters … not in the mood, so no.
Lostorage incited WIXOSS–I watched the first two seasons and the whole thing just got messier, in spite of how good it sometimes looked, so going to skip this new season.
Haikyuu!! Karasuno Koukou VS Shiratorizawa Gakuen Koukou … Didn’t watch the first two seasons, so it may be sacrilege, but I’m going to skip this one too.
Ajin 2, never watched 1, so no.

ClassicLoids begins with gyoza being made and the 9th Symphony.
ClassicLoids begins with gyoza being made and the 9th Symphony.

ClassicLoids … Why not? … So after a very confusing opening sequence with burnt gyoza and other things, we meet Kanae, a schoolgirl and apparent owner of a lovely old mansion with lots of cool things in it, but she can’t pay the bills so, to her immense regret, she’s going to tear it down, in spite of the two freeloaders living there, Beethoven and Mozart. Then, before the wrecking ball can strike, a series of events occurs involving the mansion’s old organ and more ruined gyoza, and suddenly Beethoven has superpowers, and, er Kanae has a nice experience and the wreckers go away.

Beethoven conducts while Mozart-bot (pink) dances with a wrecking ball.
Beethoven conducts while Mozart-bot (pink) dances with a wrecking ball.

I would love to like this show more. It’s got composers with superpowers! But much of it is a mess. Beethes and Mothes are more annoying than anything, and Kanae’s understandable exasperation with them makes HER annoying (well, she gives off unfriendly vibes anyway. Maybe it’s the situation). Then there’s that other guy. Yeah, the super-Beethoven bit was nice, even though the aftermath was unexplained (are the wreckers going to try again?), and I like how Bach, in his brief appearance, was shown to be a complete badass. But the reality of the situation doesn’t mesh well with the surreal moments. Don’t know if I’ll keep watching.

There's a cherry blossom petal there somewhere.
There’s a cherry blossom petal there somewhere.

I was going to skip Long Riders! but someone said they thought I’d like it, with all the cute girls and all. So I watched Ami, college freshman, though she could be in high school for all it matters, wondering what club to join when she sees a girl ride a cute little folding bike, and Ami falls in love, with the bike, not the girl. Her friend Aoi shows her bike shops, she finds a cute bike, and then nearly kills herself from exhaustion on her first ride, whereupon she meets two new friends, and so on … Ami reminds me of Yui from K-ON!, with her bike as Gitah. Aoi would be Mio, then. Don’t know about the other girls.

Ami hits the wall.
Ami hits the wall.

Pretty boring, and a little sloppy. Ami is set up as a klutz so you figure she’ll fall off a lot, but she doesn’t. Don’t know why they decided to give her that trait if they’re not going to use it. Her sudden desire to ride bikes was clumsily dealt with–she’s always wanted to, but … , no, that bit wasn’t set up well at all. Neither was her sudden and deep passion for the sport. Meanwhile, Aoi plays the straight man and gives advice and is a little dull. The future friends don’t have much personality either. Finally, the pacing felt draggy and lazy. Not convinced by this episode at all.

Boodivores … not in the mood for vampires, sorry.
3-Gatsu no Lion … Shogi? No. Even if it’s a shaft show.

I'm sure they'll explain the opening to Occultic;Nine one day.
I’m sure they’ll explain the opening to Occultic;Nine one day.

Wasn’t expecting much from Occultic;Nine and almost didn’t watch it (for those of you who say it’s the same company that did Steins;Gate, I’ll remind you that it’s also the came company that did Chaos;Head). Anyway, we start, er, oh, yeah, an underwater motiv, leading to a series of fast quick-cutting scenes introducing us to the nine people of the title, but mostly Gamon, NEET para or anti-parapsychology-addled NEET and his crazy friend Ryouka, I think (the nicknames fly so fast between these two I’m not sure what to call them). All nine of them either investigate or are involved with the supernatural, and few of them have met yet, though Miyuu the psychic meets Gamon before the episode ends, and he also meets a corpse of someone just about everyone talks about in the episode more than once.

Gamon turns on the charm.
Gamon turns on the charm.

Hell of a lot of fun if you can keep up. It jumps around from scene to scene and camera angle to camera angle that there’s barely any opportunity to read the subtitles. Plus, the story, the connections between all these people, are given quick little dollops that I’m sure will add up to something if I manage to keep track of everything, but I wind up trying to make connections anyway (did that scalp that Aria found in her mailbox from the dead guy? Probably, but why?). Even I don’t, it’s still fun. The characters are all interesting, even if Gamon/Ryoka get a little overwhelming. I also like how the strange stuff is handled, like Ryoka’s ray-gun and Aria’s ghost-buddy. It’s not about discovering spirits or bizarre alien tech–it’s already there, dancing around the characters. Will definitely TRY to see more of this.

Sengoku Choujuu Giga … tempting, but no.
Udon no Kuni no iniro Kemari … The setting is tempting, but I don’t want to watch a guy meeting cute kid story.
Fune wo Amu … noitaminA show, slice of life, any other season, yes, but not this season.

So there you have it. I hope that by the winter season I’ll have more time to watch and write, and I’ll try to add a post or two over the next three months,but very often. Sorry.


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