FIves: Youjo Senki, Demi-chan, Academia

Oh, Tanya, you minx!
Oh, Tanya, you minx!

Youjo Senki 5 is full of people who disappoint our little Tanya by exceeding expectations. After failing most of the recruits for her battalion to stall for time, she is ordered to lower her standards. She says she can train them in a month if she puts them through hell, figuring that the men would drop out, only they fight their way through it, not dying in the process, proving their mettle even as they ruin Tanya’s plans to slow everything down. However, she cheers up when she finds a new invading force is so inept that they’re basically cannon fodder, and she even makes it to their capital to blow stuff up. SO it’s not all bad for Tanya. Sadly, the fact that the Dakians were so crap at this war business was a bit of unreality I couldn’t buy. Hadn’t they seen all the war stuff going on around them for years? Also, I think this episode we see our first airplane of the series. I wonder how they fit in with the flying mages?


Demi-chan wa Kataritai 5 finally gets to Yukki’s issues as a snow-woman, and there’s not really much to say. Takahashi figures out that this turning bodily fluids to ice mainly happens on Yukki’s feet, it’s related to stress, and it’s harmless. This is a great relief to Yukki, who was worried that if she touched or even breathed on someone the wrong way they would turn to ice. It’s a bit ridiculous, really. Surely, if people are now free to out themselves as demis in this world, there had to be some research done on them to find out their different conditions and needs if nothing else, yet Yukki seemed totally oblivious to what she was like. We’ve had this before in this series, most notably with Kyouko’s head, and it still bothers me. I realize that the creators are using the differences as metaphors for people who are different in real life, and tying that in with the often stressful changes adolescence brings to everyone–and they’re doing a good job, but you still have to follow rules for a believable story. No support group? No research? What about the parents? This isn’t an old legend like the ones Takahashi keeps reading.

Interesting couple.
Interesting couple.

Little Witch Academia 5 starts with great promise and then fizzles, at least in terms of the action. The Sorcerer’s Stone is stolen by some dragons, Akko and Amanda enlist some pals to sneak off from their punishment and steal it back, only to discover that there seems to be legal matters involved. Not only is there no big sneaky raid (well, there is, but Fafnir–another one–catches everyone easily), but the matter is solved by Diana being able to read the original contract, galling for Akko and Amanda. On the other hand, the show spends a lot of time establishing Akko and Amanda’s relationship, both outraged by the same thing and fighting on the same side at one point, and at each other’s throats the next. This dynamic is a lot of fun to watch except when they overdo it and just call each other names for too long.

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