Maid Dragon and Konosuba2 6, Seiren 7

She looks so happy about it.
She looks so happy about it.

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon 6 continues with the running theme of friends and intimacy, often inappropriate. First we get a scene where Saikawa invites Kanna over, and Kanna brings Kobayashi and Tohru, where we get a lot of bonding over maids (another one pops up), plus a strange moment of intimacy between Kanna and Saikawa that, alas, gets interrupted. I say that not out of any hentai urges toward young girls, but out of curiosity. What WAS Kanna about to do? After that Kobayashi and Tohru pay a visit to Lucuo’s new place, where she was “summoned” by a young boy, and has proven a bit too much for him to handle in a number of different ways. After that it’s male-bonding time between Fafnir and Takiya, who are getting along just fine. After the near-assaults on children earlier, this one was a relief. Then some umbrella-sharing. In little ways, all the characters are getting closer to the people they want to be with.


In KonoSuba 6, Kazuma dies again. The only noteworthy thing about that is that he realizes Eris might be, personality wise, that is, the right girl for him. Also, he discovers while hanging out with her in that starry room, that she sometimes goes down to the surface to visit. Thus we have another extra piece in the plot game they’re playing down there, ready to appear right when it will screw things up for Kazuma perfectly. Kazuma was killed in another funny scene where we watch the team’s splendid plans for getting rid of some monsters unravel bit by bit, thanks to Aqua, I believe, though Kazuma helped … sucking up Megumin’s powers like that … But I think the hignlight the whole sword-naming thing, both swords … Good episode. Still, I’m a little eager for a story arc to get rolling again.


Seiren 7 isn’t as crazy and event-filled as last week, there’s no deer mating or anything (though Shouichi’s deer is getting old–wonder wht that signifies?). In fact, it’s almost all talk, and unlike some other shows, it’s mostly interesting talk. First, Tsuneki fills Shouichi in on Miyamae’s past, and while you’d figure there would be a dark secret there, it’s much more mundane than that–she could outgame the boys and they were too immature to handle it, and somehow this is Miyamae’s fault, or at least Tsuneki thinks so.

I love this image, but I’m not sure why.

Next Shouichi goes to Miyamae’s place, meets her brother Sota, and gets more background, with no terrible fact to reveal. After an inevitable gaming sequence it’s another conversation, but by now the couple seems to have talked their way to answers for their problems. Maybe fewer games right now, don’t be guilty about those boys, how about a date, and er, we’re kind of partners now, aren’t we? No big confession, no fake drama, just the realization of a natural outcome of things. Very nice.

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