Sevens: Demi-chan, Academia, ACCA-13

The worst liar in the show.
The worst liar in the show.

Demi-chan wa Kataritai 7 brings us two new characters who I hope will not be seen again. First, we get Ugaki, a police detective assigned to demi issues, he and his very young assistant, Kurtz, come to the school unannounced, don’t check in, and wander around looking suspicious. There’s no reason for them to be there, no complaint or issue, but they’ve come to check out the demi-chans. Ugaki gets into a conversation with Sakie that skirts the line of sexual harassment (it only helps a little that they’ve known each other for years). Meanwhile, Kurtz walks around the school looking suspicious, lying badly, and passing moral judgments on other kids who like Sakie, i.e., are they genuinely attracted to her or is it the succubus thing. I only tolerated these scenes because I thought we’d get some information on why he’s with the police and why Sakie’s touch didn’t affect him. The show never tells us. As for Ugaki, he’s doing his job, he says, and it used to be a lot worse. But his presence is an indication that society as reflected by the police haven’t made the changes toward tolerance everyone tells themselves they have.


Little Witch Academia 7 has Akko studying hard for a variety of witch exams, and failing miserably at each one. This goes on for over half the episode and gets boring pretty quickly. The nature of her screwups aren’t funny enough to cover up that we KNOW she’s going to screw up, and we’re waiting for the turnaround. This happens near the end when she accidentally flushes Professor Pisces down a drain. Naturally, she suddenly becomes adept enough at transformation magic to be able to turn herself into a fish of sorts to look for her (maybe her friends helped). She suddenly can understand fish language (maybe she had to become a fish first). And she transforms back even though she used all her magic to turn into a fish in the first place (maybe Ursula rescued her). And Prof. Pisces was, naturally, impressed by Akko’s altruism and saves her butt by passing her. Oh, and a poaching incident helped, so she won’t flunk right away. This show’s stories balance on the most tenuous strings I’ve seen in a while, and meanwhile, the overall story arc, whatever it is, doesn’t seem to be moving at all. Oh, nice righteous speech by Ursula to the mean teacher. That was good to see.

The fun begins here.
The fun begins here.

This week’s episode of ACCA-13 is called “The Truth Emerges in the Night Mists,” and I thought they were kidding. I thought it was quite possible that all the coup talk was a batch of rumors feeding each other, with Jean their unwilling center, visiting each district and causing more commotion each time, a comedy of governmental paranoia. But instead, no, there’s a big revelation and another whole layer of development for us to watch, and they dump a hell of a lot of it on us in episode 7. And I’m not going to spoil it for you, nyah!


But I’d like to speculate a bit on what I can make out, without giving too much away. Much of it involves Schwan’s mother and the story about her which, typically, the show doesn’t tell us. There’s also this so-called “coup” to deal with. If it exists, is it to prevent Schwan from taking power? Does it mean that other heirs, if they exist, are preferable? With what we know now, it doesn’t entirely mesh with Grossular’s behavior this whole time, unless he doesn’t know the whole story either, which is probably the case. Jean tells Mauve that he doesn’t believe Grossular is involved, and I’ll trust his instincts here. Then there was that odd scene between Jean, Nino, and the king. How much does that old man know? Finally, now that Jean knows the “truth,” if it is, and maybe it’s not, what does he do about it? One of the fascinating things about this show is that Jean never overly reacts to anything, unless it’s Mauve in a sexy dress. Is he forming his own plans? Meanwhile, we’ll wait until next week and seen what Nino has to say; also, about Nino, I’m beginning to get serious pineapple salad vibes about him.

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