ACCA-13, Maid Dragon, KonoSuba2 8

The princess walks away.
The princess walks away.

ACCA-13 8 brings the background on the odd sitation. I was expecting intrigue and bloody murder (or less bloody murder with some poison or something), but in fact it’s all very sweet, and domestic. Privy Counselor Qualm thinks the young princess Schnee’s interest in revolutionary things will be bad for the country, but rather than kill her off, he (with the blessing of both the king and Schnee herself) fakes her death and sets her loose to live in the more cosmopolitan prefecture of Badon, with a couple of people to keep an eye on her, an assistant and his young son, Nino. Aha!

Young Nino and his dad.
Young Nino and his dad.

We see next to nothing of Schnee, her husband (who remains something of a mystery), or their kids Jean and Lotta, only photographs Nino’s devoted father takes. In fact, a large part of the episode is the father and Nino at home, developing photos, talking about reports to the king, eating bread and sweets. The episode, though technically Nino’s story about Jean’s past (begun at the end of the last episode), is more about Nino’s past, sharing his father’s enthusiasm in the former princess’s life, entering high school at age 25 to befriend and watch over Jean–which comes off as rather creepy, actually, and the unspoken point that he gave up his life’s freedom for these chores, and doesn’t mind. As for the big story, Schnee was written out of the family and so has no claim to the throne, so neither does Jean, not that me minds. I have to ask: where does the show go from here? Maybe some people don’t think Jean hasn’t a claim, or they want to put him back on the rolls because they don’t want Schwan in power. I suppose they could do that. But I can wait for an answer. I rather enjoyed this look at domesticity, even though it wasn’t the family I expected.

Elma is powerful but easily swayed.
Elma is powerful but easily swayed.

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon 8 finally introduces Elma, a dragon from the harmony faction, so she can’t stand Tohru, who works for the Chaos faction. They have several confrontations that fizzle when Elma is conned into going away, or fed something. More interesting, apart from the blasts of animation quality that spring up, is the relationship angle. Kobayashi admits that she isn’t sure how to respond to, let alone handle, people needing her, so we learn in a sweet, ackward bit. Tohru needs her of course, as does Kanna, and she’s training Elma at work (how she got hired we’ll never know), which gives Tohru something more to be jealous about. I’m also curious about how Elma is getting alone since she has no place to live or money yet. The show took care of Fafnir and Lucoa, finding them places, so is Elma getting any help? I worry about my fictional dragons.


I had started this paragraph about KonoSuba 8 by saying there doesn’t seem to be any big story arc ramifications to our gang’s hot springs visit, but then I erased it.  I remembered that Aqua’s the chief deity for the Axis religion that seems to run the place, so I think that if she gets on the outs with the religion it might be bad for her or for Kazuma et. al in the long. Or not. If there is such a thing we’ll find out soon enough. In the meantime, we get a thoroughly entertaining sequence involving those ostriches from last week, followed by some zombies. When they finally reach, er, let’s see …Arcanretia, the Axis assault begins, so to speak. Much of it involves people approaching an increasingly weary and suspicious Kazuma and Darkness. They learn that Darkness belongs to the Eris cult, they spit and stomp off, and Darkness gets turned on by the treatment while Kazuma does his usual, excellent straight-man work. Nothing much else happens. You’d think they would actually go to a hot spring since they’re there.

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