ACCA-13, Maid Dragon, Youjo Senki 11, Seiren 12 (finale)

Good point.

ACCA-13 11 gives us the promised intrigue in Furawau in two ways. First there’s the promised attempt on Jean’s life, in the midst of doing the same thing he’s been doing all around: accepting cigarettes. … Rather a nice touch, to signify “we’re with you on the coup” by offering Jean a single cigarette. I should have noticed it earlier. Wonder how long it took Jean to figure it out. Naturally, it’s Nino who takes the bullet, glad to find out he’s not dead. The second intrigue from Furawau is Lilium finally spilling the beans to Grossular (for no reason) about how his district will run the entire country, due, i suppose, to their oil. Grossular is mad enough about it that I’m sure he’ll do something in the final episode. As will Jean; that line about needing a final push is oblique enough to be intriguing. We also get a much-needed, sober speech by Warbler, in Badon for centennial party, who thinks everyone in on the coup is making a terrible mistake, and when you hear the higher-ups talk about it, all the the talk about protecting the citizenry sounds like empty promises a dictatorship uses to justify itself. I’m glad someone said it. As for me, and probably everyone else reading this, I’m looking forward to next week’s Anniversary celebration!

Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon 11 felt like a finale episode for a while. I guess holiday episodes often feel that way. It’s because there’s a lot of reflection here around the New Year. Everyone thanks each other (Kobayashi thanks Tohru a lot). Also, all the side characters show up at the shrine and at K’s place afterward, like it’s a big farewell. Turns out there’s at least one more episode to go. As for the episode, I’ve rarely seen one concerning New Years where so little happens (winning a kotatsu nonwithstanding) but remains interesting up to the end.

From one viewpoint, Youjo Senki 11 was a major disappointment. The enemy, with that crazy guy, has Tanya and her crew in dire straits, and we’ve actually seen a few of them shot down, the first time I’ve seen them take causalities apart from that potato. But they regroup, Tanya survives a ton explosions at point blank range and kills the crazy guy. What’s more, all the soldiers shot down are alive. And the Empire wins the war. Yay, I guess. I was rooting for the other side. And naturally, we get a lot of shots of Imperial people being smug and marching down the arc de triomphe, or whatever they call it in this show. What a letdown.

Well, since the show has moved into WWII territory, we can hope that the Republic’s Dunkirk maneuver means there will be more resistance. Perhaps the United States of Arkansas will join the fray. Meanwhile, we can enjoy Tanya being upset because she couldn’t go and bomb that port and REALLY end the war, and wonder if a bit of genuine patriotism hasn’t infected her. And we can laugh at Being X for his latest failure at the god-job.

Seiren 12 polishes off the third romance in not terribly inspiring fashion. The best moment is before the opening credits, where Shouichi appears with dramatic western music, to display his determination. Later, he and Kyouko meet up on the roof and have a perfectly normal and sane conversation with a few oddities thrown in, such as the fact that he’s carrying around the underwear she made him (later she wears them, making you wonder what went on between). And then they kiss. The rest of the episode is filler, the Miss Santa competition, the Swim Club’s oden, venison, etc. Amusing, but underwhelming.

That’s what she’s into.

Seiren had its moments, but it never really came up to the level of Amagami SS. I liked some of the recurring themes and the innuendo, the venison and the rabbit hutch to name two, but Amagami felt much more playful; it had more fun with the characters and the situation and would get inventive when it turns out one of the girls is a bore. Seiren had no such tricks up its sleeve, and none of the girls really stood out in terms of interest, well, maybe Tsuneki. Also, and I’ve said it before, Souichi is no Junichi. The latter was more active, daring to assert his desires, and was more kinky (remember when he complimented the breasts of the entire girls swim team?). Shouichi was just a boy, and an overly passive one to boot. Overall, while it had potential, Seiren rarely took advantage.

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