Demi-chan finale, Academia 12

I was hoping they could lay off a swimsuit scene, but …

Demi-chan wa Kataritai 12 finishes the season with another low-key episode, well, it’s a swimsuit episode, but apart from that, apart from a quick summing-up from Takahashi at the end, it feels like any other episode. Hikari wants to swim in the outdoor pool and just about everyone else shows up. Even those side-boys do a little peeking. We even have little sciencey bits like Hikari’s eyes glowing in the dark, and the continual fascination with Machi, the most extraordinary demi of the lot. Her head’s never been underwater, but they take care of that soon enough.

I’ve waited twelve episodes for one of the girls to say this to Takahashi.

I don’t know how much more source material there is, and I don’t know if we need another season of Demi-chan. Oh, I liked the series we got very much, but I think teens dealing with their demi-ness as a metaphor for any average highschooler working through adolescence, the growth, the search for identity, while used very well in this series, is going to get stale if they keep it going much longer. Maybe I’m wrong. Besides the show’s characters were strong enough to entertain me anyway. For that reason, I’d happily try another season if they come up with one.

One more of Hikari.

Little Witch Academia 12 gives us the prep for the Samhain Festival, with all sorts of bigwig witches coming and where a moonlit witch will be chosen, and it certainly won’t be Akko. There’s a middle section where she’s briefly transformed into Diana for a bit, but the story thankfully doesn’t stay there for too long. Then back to being despondent until she gets a clue as to what to do, but it’s the end of the episode and she won’t tell us. One of those episodes where some things are set up but can’t move forward yet, both the Samhain and Akko’s development. We do get a clue with the latter in a vision Akko gets at that Polaris place, one of Chariot practicing her magic for the pleasure of one person, very sweet and makes Akko wonder if her own motivations are correct (Chariot was not practicing to win a festival event), though she’s pretty much doing the same thing with Ursula, except Akko keeps screwing up.

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