Sakura Quest 7, Saekano Flat 6, Hinako Note 7

Sakura Quest 7 finishes it’s two-episode arc in a predictable manner. The reason Shiori didn’t want to house to burn down was because she used to hang out with a nice old lady there in the past. The way that Yoshi learns about this and her overreaction was more unexpected, but since these are two adults it’s handled in an adult manner, with the movie plot adding an odd metaphor to the whole thing: the house was a portal between our world and some other world, and in a way, that’s what it meant to Shiori. At least the old lady is given a thank-you in the credits. The other big issue has Maki trying to come to terms with her current life and her desire to act, and not really succeeding this time, though she does participate in the movie and “burns” one of her past demons. Of course, complex emotions or anxieties aren’t dealt with that easily, and this show is smart enough to know it; it allows her to take a few steps toward reconciliation, both with her past with her father.

Saekano Flat 6 has Tomoya facing a choice: take care of a sick Eriri or rush to get the game completed by the printer’s deadline. Assuming Eriri’s work couldn’t be transferred easily, I think he made the right choice, meaning he made the sacrifice for Eriri that Megumi admonished him for last episode. At any rate, it made for come cute recovery scenes, Tomoya and Eriri playing video games and talking like they used to. I can’t think of a better way for her to recuperate. The big story now is Megumi’s anger (delivered, of course, calmly) toward Tomoya about keeping her out of the loop over the Eriri crisis after her repeated offers to help, and why DIDN’T Tomoya answer his phone in the car? Iori makes a comment that Tomoya is trying to keep Eriri to himself; that might be part of it. Or it could be the idea that Tomoya tries to do too many things himself, ironic for a team effort like their game. Anyway, I assume next that the show will deal with Megumi’s hurt. With the game finished, the show doesn’t have any other goals now.

I don’t know if Hinako Note is going to start another major story arc or just dither around (which this type of show has every right to do), but it’s appropriate to have a dithering episode after an arc, so we get a beach episode. Sorry to say that it doesn’t add much to the tradition. The swimsuit buying scenes went on for way too long, and the getting lost business was a bore. Besides, how the hell do you get lost on a beach? There’s ocean on one side or another, you just walk back. But somehow Mayu and Hinako both pull it off. About the only entertaining stuff in the episode was Kuina’s constant trying to scare Hinako with sharks.

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