Re:Creators 8, LWA 20-21, Uchouten Kazoku 8

Oh what a giveaway!

Re:Creators 8, after an amusing scene where more authors are confronted with their creations, well, Yuuya meets his and is not impressed, follows Souta’s path down the road of fear and self-hate, starting with a nice chat with Meteora, the first time I’ve not thought of her as a boy, must be the skirt, where he more or less blurts out that out of jealousy he was mean to Setsuna, and she offed herself because of it, or so he thinks. Meteora might not have realized who Souta was talking about, she didn’t let on, but that would surprise me coming from such a thoughtful and perceptive person. I hope she figures it out. Anyway, Souta should have blurted this all out the moment he made the connection two episodes ago. Now Magane, nasty as ever, knows the truth and will use it for her own ends, which surely aren’t good. Nice job Souta, you spineless wimp.

Meanwhile, Mamika has a goodbye speech with Aliceteria, has just enough wits to figure out the subtext but too dense to figure out what Mamika is up to, and we get our weekly verbal battle, this one with Altar (I’m so happy I don’t have to write “Military Uniform Girl” anymore), over her motives. We know enough now to see some sorrow in Altair, whose creator was alone and miserable, and to have a little sympathy for her. But Mamika’s right. She doesn’t have to choose this “destroy the world” path. It’s rather similar to what Meteora was saying to Souta about jealousy and how it festers. Altair also seems to suggest that her creator, Setsuna, is a character in another story; maybe she’s talking about our daily lives in this real world, and that’s why she wants to destroy it. Well, doesn’t matter, as she snaps when Mamika says Setsuna’s name, and I guess we’ll learn next week if these characters can actually die in this land …

Fell behind with Little Witch Academia again, sorry. Episode 20 finishes the Diana story arc in a way I sort of expected, that is, I knew Diana would get inspired by an Akko pep talk at one point, but I didn’t expect that the pep talk would have Diana go ahead and try to become family head. Well, okay, Akko suggests that Diana could be family head AND attend Luna Nova, which hadn’t occurred to anybody. The thing is, we still don’t know what Diana is trying to accomplish there. Akko’s got the magic stones thing going for her; what’s Diana got except stubbornness? The episode was worth it to see Diana’s face light up with joy when she sees the new stone recovered and discovers there IS a way to get the ritual done.

What is she thinking now?

#21 is much more substantial, even if it leaves a lot of things unaccomplished. While it has Akko off to climb a very big tree (more of a beanstalk, really, but that’s another tale) which might release pollen which will take her powers, such as they are, away, the big story is who she will choose as a mentor. So we have Croix lying to her about the tree’s danger and sewing seeds of doubt toward Ursula in the meantime, and we have Ursula coming to Akko’s rescue and being, at first, rejected, at least until the pollen comes out. And we get another new word in the process. It also makes Croix’s attitude toward Ursula a mystery. We get a flashback from Croix’s memory where rod chooses a partner: Chariot, not her, and we see Croix’s bitterness over that, but we also see Croix, in Ursula’s memory of things, being gracious about it. Which version is true? Maybe both. Maybe Croix’s version is tainted by regret and guilt, in which case it’s a shock at the end to have Croix announce that she doesn’t need all those words, she’ll break the seal with technology. Interesting woman.

This screenshot doesn’t have much to do with anything, but it’s pretty.

Uchouten Kazoku 8 naturally first spends some time with aftermath of Soun’s death, and some peace being made between the two families, thanks to Kureichirou. After that it looked to be a bunch little scenes to feed this plot point or that. Yashirou gets a “lab” play around with, there’s talk about what makes each of them lose their transformation and turn back into tanuki, Benten and Nidaime go out on an odd date, Yajirou plans to leave Kyoto, but why? It’s only later when Yaichiro asks Yasaburou to re-start his engagement to Kaisei that any sort of story momentum happens, as Yasaburou rejects the idea and goes off to pout for a week. For two seasons now we’ve been wondering why it was called off in the first place. Yasaburou’s disgust with Kaisei’s sharp tongue seemed like a superficial reason. Well, we find out when she goes off to bring Yasaburou back, in a sweet and funny scene, and one of the things I mentioned above turns out to be a punchline.

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