Uchouten Kazoku 9, Little Witch 22

Benten sums herself up, at least until her mood changes.

Though it looks as though Uchouten Kazoku 2 isn’t going to have as big a story arc as its first season, it’s still finding ways to entertain. It helps, again, that the show has Benten, a character so dangerous and unpredictable that the very thought of having her as the observer for the Trick Magister election fills the tanuki community with grave doubt. She does, after all, eat tanuki. She doesn’t float into the episode until very late, and then it’s to wreak a little havoc and get some revenge on Yasaburou, who was mostly responsible for getting Nidaime to take her place. It was the first time I’ve ever been grateful to have Nidaime–a bit of a tool–show up, because at that moment I was genuinely worried for Yasaburou’s health. The Benten effect again. One other thing … do we know why Yajiro has taken off on a grand tour of Japan?

All of Croix’s favorite things.

Uchouten Kazoku might be lacking in story right now, but Little Witch Academia 22 just doubled its own story’s intensity. It’s one of those episodes where the creators lay all their cards on the table, well save one (the incident at Chariot’s last show), and poor Akko is running away in tears, unable to trust anyone. That we find out the details of Croix’s nasty plans to save magic is the smallest event. Akko also learns that Ursula is Chariot. That’s been a long time coming, to the point where I was getting sick of every attempt of Ursula’s to tell her, because I knew there would be a knock on the door, or something flitting past the window, something to delay the news a little longer. It was also clear that when Akko did discover the truth, it would be by accident.

But because we were expecting this reveal for some time, it’s not the big moment of the episode. That comes at the end, when Croix rebukes Ursula for using emotion magic when she herself used something worse to fuel the magic for her performances, and hey, now you know why Akko has so little magic! It’s a revelation that technically makes little sense since Akko indeed HAS magic and is pursuing those stones, not sure how they’ll wriggle out of that one, anyway, that’s not the shock. Chariot/Ursula was not only morally okay with stealing magical abilities, but she probably stole Akko’s, and, maybe worst of all, she’s been lying about it all this time. Hell of a lot to dump on poor Akko in one episode! There’s going to be lots of tears and moping the next couple episodes, until she remembers that line she shared with Andrew: nobody else is going to do it, you have to do it yourself.

I have a feeling this line will become very important soon.

2 thoughts on “Uchouten Kazoku 9, Little Witch 22

  1. Benten creeps me out. What kind of person *eats* other sapients? She knows the Tanuki are people, even if not human. To overlook that and nosh down makes her a sociopath to my mind. In an ‘eat Tanuki or starve to death’ scenario, it would be understandable, but that’s not the case in the story as presented.

    • Oh, I agree about Benten, but the show has done a wonderful job of making her more than just a sociopath. In spite of her nasty tastes, you wonder what goes on inside her head, and if she or anyone can do anything about it. Adding to her mystique are her inhuman abilities, and the awe that many characters have of her, whether they’re human and find her beautiful, or tanuki who find her beautiful AND deadly-dangerous. Which leads to questions of the social strata of Kyoto, humans on top(?), tengu just below, and the foolish but resourceful tanuki at the bottom. … I’m digressing, but this show is so much fun that way!

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