Sakura Quest 10, Saekano2 9, Re:Creators 10

The man climbing out of the pod during the thunderstorm in Sakura Quest 10 no doubt has a mundane and slightly funny explanation, but it came as a surprise at the end of a typical episode, where once again little bits here and there are thrown together to make a not supernatural at all story. This particular one involves three women in town for a romantic tour of sorts, put together by the tourist board against their will, but of course the real story involves Ririko and her eccentricities. We don’t learn much about them. She’s always been quiet and had different tastes. She doesn’t want to do the traditional dance because, I guess, she would be forced to smile. Nevertheless, she seems to be in more of a funk than usual this week, sitting around mopily, wandering about in the rain. Too bad she can’t or won’t tell anyone why this is going on. Shiori says she’s “changed” but she’s so quiet anyway it’s hard to us at home to tell.

Creator recruitment scene 1
Creator recruitment scene 2

Last week in Saekano Flat, Tomoya got Megumi back into the fold. But unfortunately it looks like Utaha and Eriri are not, because they’ve been recruited to work on a famous game franchise with their 20th anniversary release, with their rival dojin-maker’s Akane at the helm. On one level joining the big franchise makes sense. This would be a major step up the career ladder for both girls and much more than Tomoya could offer. On another, Utaha tells the stricken Tomoya that the new offer is far more challenging and will require much more from them, and in a twisted scene at the end, a glimpse of the recruitment meeting, Akane using both flattery and abuse on them in a flashback, we see just how intense it might be. Tomoya, says Utaha, is too nice to be an effective producer; he doesn’t want to hurt anybody. Yet creative types, she says, need some stress to keep growing. I’m not sure she’s right; the last game turned out fine, and the advice reminds me of that bullshit line about artists having to suffer. Anyway, it’s a surprising turn for the show because right now Tomoya has absolutely no one to make his new game for him.

One thing that Mamika’s death means to us, watching Re:Creators, is that we can expect any character to die now. It almost happens twice in episode 10, one when Meteora is clobbered by the big idiot Aliceteria, and the other when Altair interferes by destroying Selesia’s sword; the jury’s still out on the second one. While she reverts to her injured self after a rather miraculous, ridiculous, but fun sequence involving a new illustration and some fan likes, she’s still alive at the episode’s end. The nicest moment for me was Takashi’s angry speech, as she was lying in a pool of her own blood. The father/daughter relationship they have is one of the better things in the show, which is another reason why I don’t think Selesia’s bought it yet.

Well, he’s trying.

Yeah, this episode was full of heroic rescues and dramatic little bits that had me going, Selestia’s bits at the top–both her appearance and revitalized reappearance. But Yuuya also had his nick-of-time moments. Souta, meanwhile, tries to make up for his complete lack of usefulness by being useful, trying to talk sense into stupid Aliceteria by using her heroism as a model. Nice try, kid. Unfortunately, Magane’s still involved, and now she’s got that doll-thing that Yuuya had, because no one thought to brief him on Magane’s abilities. What are the good guys thinking, anyway? But that’s about all she manages to do.

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