Re:Creators 11, Saekano Flat 10

Re:Creators 11 is basically three scenes of talk, but after all the battling recently I think we were due for one.

With Selesia and Meteora out of danger (they heal really fast it seems) Takashi and Selesia have a little talk. It’s not terribly important in terms of the story, but it helps strengthen the bond these two have. Takashi feels really bad about creating Selesia in a world like that, and while she often uses the “You’re the one who created it!” line, it’s begun to sound more like bickering between family. Takashi is a decent man and whatever Selesia feels about the world he made, she sees the decency. He also says he should start adding stories into his story, and I wonder if some day some of those characters will appear in Selesia’s world … The show plays with the implications a lot, but really doesn’t follow up. Not enough time in the series to cover them all.

We follow that with another nice scene where Kanoya takes Souta for a spin in his mecha to cheer him up. While it works (in cheering Souta up, anyway), Kanoya’s conclusions should be more depressing to himself. Basically, he urges Souta to move forward, to create, because, well, creators can DO that, and he can’t. Kanoya might have a point, but he seems pretty cheerful to have realized that he’s limited to the actions of his story and can’t do anything beyond that, sort of “I Have No Mouth, but I Must Scream” situation, except he’s laughing. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s free from that now. I wonder what the fictional characters would do if someone handed them pencil and paper and told to write, or draw? Probably no worse than your average amateur. Another idea the show has no time to explore.

Then we get Souta’s confession to the group for causing this mess in the first place, and then making it worse by not talking. And we get the story in a flashback. He and Yuna meet through an dojin website or something, have a cute first date (but what was the deal with the glasses?), then she gets famous enough that bad stuff happens to her through jealous fans, and Souta … does nothing. That seems to be it. Okay, he wasn’t a very good friend at that time, and while we don’t get the very end of his story, only that he secretly felt satisfied that people were dumping on Yuna, there’s nothing to suggest he joined in and attacked her himself. Also, no indication that her talent was any greater than his. Only that she was luckier. I had thought he was just a low-talent. Anyway, yes, he should feel bad about deserting her, but that doesn’t justify his refusal to give everyone the information. What someone ought to do is put Yuna in a popular story so maybe she’ll get sent here. Problem solved!

Saekano Flat 10 has a few fundamental conversations too, but they happen mostly because characters have to talk themselves into doing the inevitable, that is join Akane’s team. Eriri says she’s against it at first, but Utaha points out that she was just naming the negatives before her decision. Turns out she’s right, but that comes later. Then we have a shorter conversation where Iori politely leaves Akane’s team, then return to Eriri and Utaha, the former discovering she’s over her slump, and that it was Akane’s bad treatment that did it. We were expecting that, but maybe not her wail that if she stayed with Tomoya, she would never be as good an artist as Tomoya wants her to be–best moment in the episode. But what about Tomoya? He does what we expect–he accepts it. After all, this is a hell of a big career advancement for the girls, and while his boast that they wouldn’t have gotten it without him might be a way to grab some good out of a bad situation, it’s also correct. So everyone does as expected–well, apart from Megumi, who asks Tomoya out on a date. Too soon to know if she’s just trying to cheer her up or if she’s serious.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going traveling and won’t have a chance post again for about a week.  See you later.

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