2017 Summer 1, and a quick apology about the template

I was thinking about trying out a new template and accidentally triggered this one.  Might go back, if I can figure out how to do it.  Sometimes the best changes are done by accident.

I don’t like the green lettering …

Anyway …

Here we go with the Summer anime season 2017, part 1. For those of you who don’t know or remember, I will give quick rundowns on all the shows I might watch. I probably won’t watch any sequels to shows I didn’t finish in the first place, and other shows depending on my tastes. The order here is presented roughly in the order of Random Curiosity’s preview page. Also, I will include the first comprehensible image from each episode I cover, for no other reason except it’s tradition. Here we go!

The new season begins with an impressive cherry tree.

The season stumbles out of the gate with Enmusubi no Youko-chan, where, after a fox spirit cons some kid and a depressing OP with lots of creatures either looking or fighting, we watch the fox spirit catching a young apprentice spirit (Suusu) and then thowing her aside, claiming Suusu has to marry this certain guy. Suusu goes off to match up a couple of other people, apparently it’s the job she’s in training for, and then we switch to the guy, Haku, who’s trying to nab a girl for his own, and as much food as he can, and appearing on a matchmaking show until he’s confronted by the Unificiation League, because if he DOES nab a girl it sets them back 500 years. Then Suusu lands on his head, but Haku likes that she has candy, and then one of the panelists is revealed as a matchmaking interest, and the other is a dog. More supernatural people show up to confuse things more, there’s a lot of crazy fighting and nothing makes any sense.

One of those shows that throws you in the middle of the action and promises to explain later, only the action is silly slapstick with a complex backstory that will take time to unravel, and I’m not sure I have the patience. All I can figure out is that there are three fox spirit clans going around messing with people, and they don’t like each other much. Not sure where Haku fits into all this, and since I found him annoying I don’t really care. On the other hand, Suusu is played by Kana Asumi, so she’s entertaining whenever she speaks, and the character’s cute bumbling is fun to watch. However, I’ve almost never watched a series because of a single character, and as much as I like Asumi, even she’s not enough to make me try with this show.

Kakeguri’s high school sign, as the camera swoops up.

Next it’s Kakegurui, where we see a rich high school where all the kids gamble, and, as our narrator (don’t know if he’s a regular or not) discovers when he loses too much, can be quite nasty about it. The dominant gambler is Mary, quite cruel and twisted, but there’s a new girl in town, Yumeko, who is quickly invited by Mary to an imaginative version of Rock-Paper-Scissors. Most of the episode is about the match, with explanations, asides, and scams at work, and so the new girl makes a statement.

Who’s crazier? Candidate #1 is Mary.


And here’s candidate #2, Yumeko.

This could be great fun to some people. From the moment Mary breaks into her first insane look, you know this show will be twisted, and the tasty OP only proves the point. And as sick as Mary can look, Yumeko beats her with intent. Yumeko is truly insane and doesn’t enjoy playing unless she actually has a good chance of losing, like she does in the ep1 match. She actually thanks the person responsible for trying to rig the match for making it more exciting for her. So if you’re in for a lot of tense gambling scenes, complete lack of morals, and truly wicked facial expressions, give this one a try. As for me, it’s not to my taste, so I won’t cover it here.

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