2017 Summer 5

Centaur no Nayami starts out sexy.

Centaur no Nayami seems to be a high school comedy where everyone is a mythical creature. We start with rehearsals for the school play, where Hime, a centaur and our heroine, rehearses the class play where she has to kiss her good friend Nozomi, a demon, I suppose, and there’s an incident during the performance … centaurs are pretty heavy, you know. Then a bewildering lecture about all the different races there are now and how amphibians all have six legs, plus a stern warning about discrimination. Then the girls run a marathon, but Kyoko lags behind, and midterm test results. Slice of life stuff.

Nozomi’s face is red because she’s thinking back to the kiss.

I was most interested in not only the teacher’s lecture, how it’s almost shouted at the students, how unity is more important than personal freedom (with two shadowy authorities listening from the door), and Kyoko’s comment later how even talking about this sort of stuff is illegal. Seems a bit extreme to me, and it makes this seemingly benign high school less so. As for the other things, none of the characters interested me very much, the jokes were unfunny and dragged out. The episode dragged as much as Kyoko in the marathon. I will cut it some slack for being a first episode–they have to explain the world to us, of course, but I can’t see myself watching too much more.

Princess Principal has a flashback to start us off.

Princess Principal sounds like the story of royalty running a school, but while the girls do attend school, they are actually spies for the British Commonwealth, as opposed to the British Kingdom, who they’re cold-warring with (the wall runs through London). For starters, they help a would-be defector escape from, I don’t know, police or something, and sneak him into their exclusive boarding school until they can get him across the wall. They’re aided by their spynetwork of course, but also the mysterious glowing substance called cavorite, which can lift cars and dump them and presumably other things as well, but then there’s the defector’s sister, suffering from cavorite poisoning and needs an expensive operation, and thus the plot gets complicated.

Cavorite at work.  Love this image.
Two of our girls blending in.

I’m not sure if the intrigue stuff is going to live up to expectations, too soon to tell, but I’m going to keep watching for now because so far it does. It’s a smart script that, at least in this episode, plays around with the concept of lying, since spies do that a lot. One character, Ange, lies so often that even her teammates often don’t know when she’s telling the truth. Also, the show looks great. There’s a nice steampunk feel to it with the foggy London streets and the odd machinery they use. Finally, it’s directed well. The chase scene at the beginning is one of the best moments of the new season so far. Let’s see if the refugees of the Black Lizard Planet can keep it up.

Kyo playing guitar to start off Tenshi no 3p!.

Tenshi no 3P! has Kyo, rapidly become a NEET who does little but upload music, uploading some more while at school a blond girl defends him. This goes on for about half the episode, until Kyo gets an email from an admirer who wants to meet him. Kyo is afraid at first but finally agrees because he wants to talk music. You probably already know who the mysterious Goto Jun really is. And we get a song at the end that I could do without, but if I keep watching this show, I better get used to it.

Not that I’m going to keep watching. The premise is vaguely disgusting, and, EVEN WORSE, the show lags so much that I thought about skipping ahead, especially when the girls show up. Every conversation is done in slow-motion, and it gets worse when the quiet, sleepy Sora has to say something. Also, I can’t get over the fact that they have rare valuable instruments and amplifiers hidden away in a secret room under a statue, not to mention that the ten year-old girls can play them so well, or that Kyo is only mildly surprised by the fact. I could wave it away except that the first half of the story seemed devoted to showing Kyo as a boy who needs help, and what that means to his friends and classmates, and had a far more serious feel about it.

Starting out with a conversation with God.

Next, Isekai no Smartphone to Tomo ni, which starts with God apologizing to a boy named Touya over killing him way too early in life. To make up for it he sends the boy to a magical land with augmented physical and magical abilities, also his smartphone, which can do everything it used to do except call home. It can call God, however. Touya wakes up in the magical world and things fall his way immediately, with a man offering to buy his clothes for too much money. He rescues/befriends/adds to his harem the twins Elze and Linze, finds he’s good at everything, and invents ice cream as a favor to another girl, who will no doubt be another harem addition.

The twins are as amazed by Touya’s abilities as we are, well, we’re not amazed at all.

There are many out there who will object to Touya finding everything so easy, but I don’t really mind it. This is basically a harem series in a magical world, so the important things will be the girls. Also, this looks to be a nice, brainless series I can watch without having to think too much. Mind you, I might change my mind. Touya is bland and the twins aren’t much better, but we’re just getting started with the harem building. We’ll see how it goes, and if I get bored.


2 thoughts on “2017 Summer 5

  1. Cavorite? Heh, I might have to watch that just to see how many H.G. Wells references get inserted.

    “Isekai no Smartphone to Tomo ni” sounds a bit like the Daniel Black books (_Fimbulwinter_, _Black Coven_, _Extermination_) which have a similar premise, though the protagonist is an adult and the reason he ends up in MagicWorld is different (as is the responsible god).

  2. I didn’t know cavorite had a precedent! Googling it, it seems to have the same properties they describe in Wells’ book.

    As for Smartphone, I wonder if there was a reason he was sent to that world. It would make it a much more interesting series if he had a goal.

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