2017 6, the last

Hajimete no Gal is off to a bad start.

In Hajimete no Gal we meet Junichi, a typical high school second year who wants to get laid, though efforts are made to demonstrate that he has a decent side. He might get farther in his quest if he didn’t hang out, and actually listen to, his three loser buddies, who tempt him with a dirty mag right when Yukana, who looks like an easy slut, notices and humiliates him. Naturally the friends then force Junichi to confess his love/lust to Yukana. After humiliating him some more (at least no one’s around this time), she says yes, and so our story begins.

The big mystery is why Yukana said yes, and no doubt we’re going to find out she’s a bit of a romantic underneath, or something like that, and/or Junichi will rise above his lusts and become a decent boyfriend, and so this will be a more sensitive show than we think, but it’s hard to imagine that with the boob and panty shots, not to mention Junichi’s fantasies, that the show tosses at us at every moment possible. It got so annoying that I skipped ahead a few times and found they were STILL at it. Plus, Junichi’s internal monologues, almost all of them about sex, got old really fast. There might be a good story underneath all that, but I don’t have the patience to find out.

Gamers! is another show that starts with an airplane for no reason at all.

Gamers! features a nerdy but decent high school boy named Keita, who, while looking at a sexy dating sim with blonde girls at the store, is approached by Karen, the beautiful school idol, who, by the way, is blonde. Turns out she’s a gaming freak too, and tries to recruit him for her school club. Sounds perfect, but the club is hardcore and they play games to win. It’s a bit much for Keita, who just likes to play games for fun, so he very reluctantly bows out, leading to a public scene where Karen acts like he’s just broken her heart.

The usual embarrassed boy scenes and the usual set-up-the-story scenes aside, this was a good first episode. I was actually surprised that Keita turned down the club, but I admired how he did not succumb to Karen’s attraction, and stated good reasons for not joining. There’s also that Momo character he plays online who we know next to nothing about, so his reasons for gaming might be more complex than he states in the show. Too soon to say anything about the other characters, apart from another couple we meet, who manage to be funny with their own story. What I liked most, however, is that the direction often tells the jokes in a variety of ways, often through foreshadowing subtitles for instance (so we’re not just getting Keita’s POV but the creators’, too) as well as the mundane ones like witty internal monologues or good timing. In other words, the creators are actually working to make scenes good and not just tossing them out at us.

This is a TV show countdown.

Finally for this season’s previews, one I missed, Action Heroine Cheer Fruits (a coworker recommended it because she thinks all I care about are cute girls, and while I certainly like them, well …), where, er, I didn’t get her name, and her sister are excited about a live show featuring TV action heroine Kamidaio, that will take place at Hinano City (“city” is exaggerating a little) festival, only someone screwed up and it got cancelled. Kise (I looked it up)’s sister is devastated, so Kise promises to have Kamidaio appear next week, bringing her super-genki friend Akagi in to help try to recreate something they cannot possibly recreate. There follows a lot of dull scenes of them practicing, and then it’s performed to some youngsters, who see through it but appreciate the cool moves. And then the tower collapses …

There goes the tower.

There’s lots of other girls around, too. We meet a few of them early on, in side scenes, but all that did for this episode is distract us from the main story, which, admittedly, wasn’t much. When the side characters weren’t getting in the way, the pacing interfered; it was often lazy. On the good side, I did not expect that tower to collapse, and the episode had a couple of other clever bits that surprised me, or, in the case of Kamidaio’s product placement bits, allowed the creators to wink at us. Doubt I’m going to watch it though, since this cute girl show had its share of ogling, and a panty shot. They didn’t need to put that in.

That’s all for the previews. I could watch a couple more, but I don’t care, and I have more-or-less chosen the ones I will watch, plus catching up with the holdovers from last season … Thank you for reading, and I hope to catch up soon!


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