Mad catch-up time: Re:Creators, Youkai Apts, Isekai Shokudou

After an amusing recap episode where Meteora displays a better sense of humor than she normally shows, and where the show misses a chance to point out that creations were talking to their creators’ creators (and mocking their creators in order to amuse us), Re:Creators gets back to more heavy planning. The artists and writers are dragged into a super project that will connect all the stories and have them duke it out with Altair in a stadium, and naturally we get creative differences. Not to mention that all these changes will have to get accepted by the fans. Interesting to point out that Altair is pretty much a fan-based creation herself and thus is beyond the capabilities of the good guys to change.

Just the new character we need.

All said, #14 wasn’t terribly interesting. #15 is better. It was nice to get some background on Blitz, some idea of why he happily follows Altair, and it gives their conversation at the end a compelling twist. The two have bonded in a father/daughter way that works as a nice contrast to the one we have on the good guys’ side, to the point where Altair doesn’t want Blitz to participate in the melee. Another good twist is the appearance of Sho, who has perfectly good reasons to hate Yuya, even if that puts him on the wrong side, as Blitz hints. The Alice/Magane conversation had no meaning to it I could see, but I’m sure that something will come of it later. And finally there’s Hikayu, who really shouldn’t be there, but I’m glad she is because the show needs some more lightness right now.

Youkai Apato no Yuuga na Nichijou seems to be as much about Yushi’s development as a person as it is a story about hanging out with Youkai. Episode 2 throws a variety of characters at us, human and spirits, at the apartment and at the school (well, no youkai at the school–yet), including a psychic named Ryu who gives us a long speech about how things change, a nice enough scene but it seemed out of place, until we switch to Yushi’s school friend Tashiro and the episode becomes actually frightening. I don’t know how Yushi got that ability, and I don’t think he really needs it, but hopefully they’ll just take his distress-sucking and use it as a story tool to demonstrate how he has changed.

Episode 3, follows the same pattern. Though it’s supposed to be about the boy, Kuri, and Shiro the faithful dog, it turns to Yushi and his still undealt-with grief at losing his own parents. The extreme difference between his happy childhood and Kuri’s completely rotten one is too much for him to handle. Then there’s the fact that Kuri’s mother haunts him even though Kuri’s already dead (I didn’t know ghosts can be haunted), even though she’s become something barely remotely human, which leads Yushi to speculate that there is more to it. Perhaps there is, but he can’t do anything about it, which makes him feel even more helpless.

A satisfied customer.

Still so far behind that new episodes will be out a day after I write about these, but I’ll finish with Isekai Shokudou. Like Youkai Aparto, its main strategy, so far, is to put people in a foreign but welcoming situation where they can reflect or perhaps heal a little, except that the people here are fantasy characters and it’s a normal restaurant doing the cooking, er, healing. Also, there are a lot more characters to take care of, not just the one, so it can only show them at a superficial level. In episode 2 we get Sarah, a bounty hunter who makes a connection to a past mentor through a delicious minced meat cutlet. After that we learn the story of Seeleman, who, starving and desperate, stumbles into the restaurant and eats fried shrimp, giving him the strength to continue his flight to the capital to warn of the advancing Mothmen.

A soon-to-be satisfied customer.

In episode 3 we learn a little more about how the proprietor does business, as he exchanges his proceeds for fantasy-land food to alter the tastes of his recipes. Frankly, I think old Alfade has got a pretty sweet deal going, all that cash plus a free meal in exchange for a sack of common vegetables … And finally, young, beautiful, and ailing Adelheid discovers a connection to her nice old gramps with a chocolate parfait she first ate on a visit years ago. It’s getting to be a little routine, strangers shocked and then delighted by this mysterious restaurant, not to mention that every single one of them talks like a food critic when they eat … “The breading cooked in quality oil gives way to the juicy meat underneath …” that sort of thing. Well, once all these people become regulars, and it’s already happening, maybe they can mix it up a little. As it is, it’s not a bad show, just one in a rut.

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