Episode dump: PP, Re:Creators, Isekai Shokudou

Princess Principal 2, a flashback episode, brought out a weakness, in me, not the show. I get lost in espionage shows a lot because I am too lazy to remember just who is siding with whom, who is only pretending to, and who’s double-crossing who at any given time. Thus, the final scene where the Princess and Ange reveal (to us, not the other characters), that they’d been trolling everybody all along made my slothlike mind shut down for a bit. Still, it’s fun to think that Ange is helping Princess get to the throne by pretending to be caught and then blackmailed. It’s also fun to discover that Princess is a lot more crafty than she looks.


Episode 3 is more loading up of characters we knew would be together after we saw episode 1 anyway, but I suppose it’s a good way to establish some backstory for everybody. Ange and Princess’s past are now old news, so we turn to Beatrice, Princess’s loud and rather worrisome lady-in-waiting, or whatever she is. She is still shocked that she’s among spies, and even more so that her beloved Princess is hanging out with them. But she somehow goes with Ange to steal back some banknote plates that are on an airship, and what do you know, they bond a little, surprise surprise. An even bigger surprise is that she can throw her voice, or anyone’s.

Beatrice’s reasons for finally helping still aren’t clear. She goes along with it because is she gets caught it’s major trouble for Princess (she could admit that she was spy herself and was betraying her, but I suppose you need one character in the show who’s lousy at lying), but she must still believe that the spies are going to do the princess in and replace her with Ange. Oh well, fun to watch, but I’ll be happy when they’re done with the team-building and get with a good storyline.

Not sure why most of the PP pics here are of Beatrice …

As for episode 4, I have very little to say about it except to note that the suspicions that the girls and their higher-ups have on each other is now almost as interesting as the caper of the week, this one involving, I think the theft of a mass-producible cavorite thing, fun enough, I suppose, with the steampunk trappings and the fact that the girls can sneak around just about anywhere. Meanwhile, they have Chise on their team now but they don’t want to use her, and HER side isn’t sure who to side with. Princess has a lot on her plate, since she’s a spy, has a possible marriage, and the fact that some people suspect she’s a double agent. And they pick a name for themselves, even though they probably shouldn’t.

Fight-O! … next week.

Re:Creators 16, oh dear, they just go on and on. On the other hand, they were close to finalizing the birdcage thing last week and I wondered if there woul be several episodes of meandering, but no, it’s going to go up next week, which is fine with me. However, if they had done away with all the pep talks and “Are you ready?” business, not to mention the fanservice from both genders at the onsen, they could have done it THIS week. Well, it’s started now, more or less, with Meteora having a secret plan (and an ability to conjure things on her own, like Selesia’s mecha) and Altair sticking to her “I knew they were going to do that” lines. And next week we have no idea what is going to happen (I barely understand what they’re trying to do …), and what will happen after the big event. That’s an excellent situation for a show to be in, I just wish they would get around to it.

The triumphant return of the hero.

Isekai Shokudou 4 we meet two more of the up to now unmamed customers, first, Gaganpo, the lizardman. Turns out he’s the big hero of his tribe and so has won his opportunity to open the mysterious door (he returns with takeout for his village). The first time we’ve seen the door in a public area. We also get sexy lizard scenes, and a narrator who makes it all seem like an anthropological documentary, were it not for the omlette rice. Then there’s the elf-girl Fardania, the first customer to have dietary restrictions, who nevertheless swoons over the tofu steak.

And in episode 5 we meet the lion-guy, named, sadly, Lionel. He was thrown in jail for doing nasty things in another country and wound up being a gladiator, and there’s no way he can lose after his five bowls of Katsudon! Rowr! Next, the half-elf Victoria, who will not be fully accepted in society, so chose sorcery instead, excellent choice. She likes pudding. An odd moment when she and Fardania walk right by each other without either of them thinking “Hey, another elf!” Okay, she’s half-elf but she’s got the ears. Up to now we’ve seen only one example of each species in the restaurant. Maybe 1.5 is all the dimensional gate can handle.

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