Catch-up with Aho Girl and Tsurezure Children, though new episode come out today …

The boys don’t really want to be there.

In catch-up mode I would normally watch all the available episodes in succession, but one episode of Aho Girl, 15 minutes though it be, is too much for me to handle, so at the moment it’s episode four only. In it we have what I assume to be the core characters, now that the teacher is involved, and the show can start having fun bouncing them off each other as they try and fail to make Aho less stupid. What works is that in each scene we get a little more than we expect. We don’t expect the two little boys to intervene during the show to protect their friend Nozomi from Aho’s stupidity (keep fighting, boys!). We don’t expect the teacher to turn to Akuru to teach her how to love, and we don’t expect the girls to take that room investigation so far, especially the public morals girl. In short, Aho can turn any situation into chaos. And there’s the running gag of the delinquent punctuating the episode. This show might turn out to be pretty good.

Tsurezure Children has the problem that there are so many couples walking around being awkward that I lose track. I had forgotten about our first couple in episode 4, Kana and Chiaki, even though it was the funniest scene in the episode, Kana winding up trying to seduce him though neither of them are very comfortable with the idea. Second favorite is Yuki’s continued trolling of poor Jun, who is so easily manipulated (“Why are you staring at me?”) that I kind of wish she liked someone more up to her level, not to mention he’s kept her waiting for months. The Ryouko/Akagi scenes creep me out a little because it looks like Akagi is manipulating an actually very innocent girl. Finally the Sugawara/Takano relationship, which took a backward step for Sugawara but a forward one for Takano, if she could only figure it out. So one couple wind up in bed but nothing happens, another kiss, and the other two can’t get off the ground.

I’m not sure, Sayaka. You might want to stay hidden until the train comes.

So now I can watch Aho Girl 5 (I was actually going to watch Re:Creators but there’s no episode this week), where I have to contradict myself. The movie scene had nothing I didn’t expect. They go to a “Prechure” movie and Aho and Ruri overreact, as we all knew they would, well, maybe not Ruri. But it picks up in the next half, where Sayaka uses hard logic to persuade Akuru to come to the beach, and Yoshie shows up to sabotage Public Morals Girl’s attempts to snatch Akuru from Yoshiko, by drawing nipples on her swimsuit … things get out of control from there. And once again, 15 minutes of this show is like an hour of any other.

Meet Nanase, who’s fun right off the bat.

And back to Tsurezure Children 5, which is dominated by the second scene, where we meet Nanase, who’s had a crush on Kaga for a while, but he’s been ignoring her since middle school because he didn’t want friends to get the wrong idea. And now he’s got a crush on Sasahara from the astronomy club, which Nanase has just joined … We haven’t seen any love triangles yet, so this could be interesting. Nanase is a tsundere of the evil-eye variety, and while the show has several tsunderes already, I find that I don’t really mind. Anyway, Nanase and Kaga have a spirited scene and a coda (the second time this post where a mother screws things up for the kids). As for the other featured couples, Gouda and Kamine have a misunderstanding that gets cleared up sweetly, while Saki and Takase have one that really screws things up for them, though I thought it was funny as hell.

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