Princess Principal 6, Tsurezure 6-7

Fortunately, we won’t see the man again after this episode.

In the middle of Princess Principal 6, Princess bemoans the fact that many people were torn apart by the wall, lovers, families, etc. The irony here is that the wall changed Dorothy’s life for the better. It separated her from her father, Danny McBean, a decent man who lost his hand and became a violent, child-beating wretch. Now she has to work with him in a morgue to find some ciphers stuck in a corpse’s tooth. He’s doing it for Normandy and she’s doing it for the Commonwealth, but whatever. We spend a lot of time observing Danny be nasty to everyone around him, except Dorothy, but there are maybe hints of reconciliation, though Dorothy probably doesn’t want her dad back in her life, at least not full-time. It ends tragically, with Dorothy and Beatrice (it’s usually Beatrice who does side-kick duties) waiting for Danny at a pub, not knowing that he has been killed for doing something stupid and completely in-character. I would say it’s a cruel ending, but I don’t think Dorothy has a strong emotional connection to Danny anymore. And, as Beatrice says, she wouldn’t have become friends with Dorothy if her father had been a decent father, not to mention the wall. So it ends with Beatrice singing Dorothy and Danny’s favorite song. A lot of irony this week. Not to mention the fact that this is the second week in a row where a character’s father got offed. If you include episode 1, this show is deadly for fathers.

Another week of Aho girl, where she ruins everyone’s time at the beach, tries to ruin Akuru’s peaceful time at home, but partly fails, and then ruins the city’s bon dance. And I’m tired of it. Much as I like Aoi Yuuki, the constant tone on a character who’s not going to show any depth, because she’s designed not to, has worn me down. I accidentally deleted the screenshot, too. Really.

It’s sibling on the 15-minute show plate, Tsurezure Children, is ironically one of my favorite shows of the season, even if this episode started with Akagi/Ryouko, my least favorite couple. Not Ryouko’s fault, but Akagi comes off as so damn manipulative that it’s hard for me to stomach. And Ryouko, showing she has a soft side, is falling prey to it. Moving on, we get Kana/Chiaka, trying to work kisses into their comedy routines, but a kiss is, you know, a kiss. I like this couple a lot because they’re old friends who pretty much know what the other one’s up to inside, that is, until this love business started to complicate things. After that, a not great bit between Yamane and his otaku bud Motoyama, the result being Motoyama’s been invited to Yamane’s date with Chiyo, and I wonder if this isn’t actually the most manipulative person on the show. Or maybe it’s Katori, charming up a girl who’s name I didn’t get, but he’s all flirt and nothing else, doesn’t really want to be, I think. So the girl will have her heart broken soon. At least she gave him a good elbow.

Yuki messes with Hotaru’s mind again.

Okay, Katori comes back in episode 7, but this time he gives his advice to a guy, Takane, of “bad timing with phone messages” fame. So maybe Katori isn’t so bad after all. Too bad we don’t get to see Takane try out the advice this week. But we start with Hotaru, the jealous imouto, trying to mess with Yuki via Jun’s cell phone, only it’s Hotaru who gets played. I don’t know if Jun-Yuki is my favorite couple, but I think Yuki is my favorite character. She doesn’t seem to care that the collateral damage from her charade is going to make Jun’s home life a little more complicated. Elsewhere, Takeru tries his best to act like a boyfriend, only Kamine inadvertently nearly screws it up. Still, the direct approach is the best. Finally, Chizuru is faced with a dilemma. She’s hot and blushing a lot, so it must be a fever, right, but she takes her temperature and finds she doesn’t have one. Could it be ..? Nah!

2 thoughts on “Princess Principal 6, Tsurezure 6-7

  1. Given that scar on his head, I wonder if Danny didn’t suffer some brain damage in the accident that took his hand. That would explain the radical personality shift. The loss of the hand would certainly justify *some* changes and depression, but his behavior in this episode looks like someone who’s lost a *lot* of his reasoning abilities and self-control. More than I’d think depression would explain.

    1. That’s a good explanation, in fact, I can’t think of another one that would cover the fact that this brilliant engineer, even after a traumatic accident, would stop using his brain positively, even with the support of his wife and kid, and surely his peers and staff wouldn’t have just turned their back on him. But I don’t think the creators thought it through that much. If they had, they would have pointed out the skull more. I’m led to believe that Danny was an unrealistic character.

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