Re:Creators 21, Shokudou 11

Re:Creators 21 is almost entirely a conversation between Altair and the Setsuna that Souta created. Apart from a suicide attempt by the latter, stopped by Altair, there is no action. Sounds deadly dull, but in fact the sentimental lines both people give worked well enough that the episode flew by. Altair, quickly realizing that she could never kill even an imitation of Setsuna, and completely at a loss at her very presence, cannot argue with anything Setsuna says, only add counterpoint. Many of the things Setsuna tells her Altair already knows; she knows she gets power from the fanboys out there being the main one. But a lot of the talk is of regret, which Altair had turned to rage.

So no fighting; this is no longer a story about a villain who needs to be defeated, but instead the unification of two lost souls, one being responsible for the creation of the other. Setsuna accepts the rage as natural, and something she could not expressed herself, and she is able to inform Altair that she is a character that made weak people believe in themselves. Maybe if they had met while Setsuna was still alive Altair could have saved her, but of course Setsuna would not have needed saving, so forget I wrote that. In an interesting twist, while jumping to rescue Setsuna, Altair announces that since she has infinite power, she will create her own universe for the two of them. And then there’s Souta, and the tearful irony that he had given everything to make this fictional Setsuna, and wondering that, if doing so, he had caught up to her. He’ll never know, the real Setsuna is dead, but he did create a character that at least one other person loves, even if they’re fictional too.

Isekai Shokudou 11 hints at a disruption of the show’s regular, peaceful structure, as the Red Dragon instructs Kuro to make sure no harm comes to the weak humans who work at the restaurant. Is someone going to cause serious trouble? We hadn’t seen any real conflict after episode one and the argument about the best rice dish almost came to blows. Turns out there is a bit of danger, as two chimera kids innocently wander into the restaurant and start singing a magical song (an out of tune lalala), and so Kuro has to protect the dazed Chef and Aletta by … telling them to stop. So much for that. For me, the most interesting thing is the connection the episode makes to another. The kids found the door on a scary island once patrolled by “The Chimera Killer,” which turns out to be Alphonse when he was stranded on it. The carpaccio and the curry buns looked pretty good, too.

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