Steins 0 7, FranXX 19

Nakase, Maho, and Nae showing the same faces I did while watching this episode.

With episode 7, Steins;Gate 0 decides to stop pussyfooting around and instead drop a few plot bombs on us. I expected Braun to interfere with Kagari’s abduction and, with Suzuha, drive off the attackers, though not demanding an explanation right away doesn’t seem like him, especially since he daughter was in danger, but I figure they wanted to have that more intimate scene where he agrees to help–fewer people. What I did NOT expect was that Daru’s future wife, maybe, was in charge of the abduction, something they don’t play up yet, though at the time I wondered why the show spent so much time with the helmet woman blocking Suzuha’s kick.

steinsgate07-2We get a lot of scenes of people just wondering what the hell is going on, especially Yuka, who’s not in the loop and frustrated about it. Chances are the show is setting him up for some future events. As for this episode, near the end, the surprises and clues begin to snowball. The gang all speculate about what the “K-6205,” and while coming up with Kochel numbers seems a bit farfetched, it gave me (and Rintarou) a few delicious moments of realization. Kochel … Mozart … Amadeus! Aha! Amadeus-Kurisu phoning with a “save me!” message right after that knocked me sideways, and then of course the whammy at the end, with a time-shift and the real, living Kurisu coming out from behind the curtain. Actually, I’m a little disappointed by that. I was getting into the story in the timeline they were already in. Now it’s almost as if they’re starting over with a new one.

franxx19-1Darling in the FranXX 19 has a couple of big plot points, but on the whole it gave us a lot of information we pretty much could have guessed. It’s mostly a flashback episode, interspersed with the present-day kids deciding what to do next. In the flashbacks we see Werner as a young, brilliant, hot-headed genius who’s suddenly employed by APE, supposedly unpolitical scientists, who proceed to revolutionize “magma energy” and brings in immortality (for the rich) with it. Due to their wise and benign guidance, much of earth becomes a desert wasteland, mankind is sterile, immortal, and passionless, and then the klaxosaurs show up. I appreciate, in the context of the show, how they depict the scientists as inhumane monsters who don’t give a shit about humanity, but concern themselves only with SCIENCE!

SHE is actually terrifying, but much cuter.

For me, the most interesting thing of all is Werner’s desire, after his wife dies testing an early FranXX, of creating a higher form of human, which somehow leads him to the first meeting with the Klaxosaur princess. Depicted throughout the episode as a moody scientist guy, looking at this princess he puts on the face of a man who’s been locked up for twenty years and is suddenly confronted by a beautiful woman, in other words, and the creators probably didn’t mean it like this, but it looks like insane lust. The look stays on his face even while the princess rips his arm off, and then we learn that he saved some of her hair, and this is certainly what they used to make 02. Now, I will point out that using the princess’s DNA was Papa’s idea, not his, he certainly didn’t seem to mind, and considering what he thinks of the princess, it makes his attitudes about 02 to be … creepy. Then again, the elders’ views towards the “children” have been creepy from the start … In actual plot news, Papa has agreed to “release” the children after their mission is over, whatever that means. Anyway, it looks like the last story arc is about to start.

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