Hisone 9, Steins;Gate and Comic Girls 10

Hisone has just figured out that she’s in love …

I think Hisone to Masotan topped itself with episode 9. A big crisis ensues that threatens the entire mission, and it’s done within the show’s witty style; a script that sneaks humor into places you don’t expect, and the usual deceptively simple artwork. It also doesn’t quite work the way I expected. I thought the episode would set up a conflict between Hisone and Natsume the miko, and it did, but I expected Natsume to lose out (which she will, but later). I did not expect that the episode was really about Hisone realizing she’s in love with Okonogi and that Natsume was more of a guide toward that realization. It leads to one of Hisone’s best scenes, where after a delay as the camera closes in on her face, her head nearly explodes and she starts running around the base screaming.

… and Masotan can’t handle it.

Now Masotan has gone a bit nuts and wants to actually eat Hisone. How will they get on with the mission? Not to mention that the same thing happens to Eri and her dragon, the funny bit here being she didn’t know she’s in love. Now, this being a happy show, I know that Hisone WILL do the mission with Masotan, and she’ll also get the boy, but they’ve set the premise that she can’t have both. You’d think the dragons would be more understanding about this. Also, if Okonogi is such a big-shot priest, why is he spending all his time in the hanger and not working with the shrine maidens?

Nothing much happens in this episode, well, until the end.

Steins;Gate 10 is one of those episodes where everyone is in sort of a holding pattern, having little fun times with each other, so you basically knew something huge was going to happen in the second half. While it was not on the level of gunmen breaking in, or surprise entrances from dead characters, I guess it was a strong ending. It was marred a little by the fact that I had no idea Kurisu’s old data actually existed. I believed Maho when she said it was gone last week. I also did not realize its full import until Rintarou, panicked, orders her not to retrieve the data because of WWIII and all that. I guess the big event isn’t that the data still exists but that Rintarou blurts out the truth about it. … While we waited for whatever big event it was to happen, we saw n entertaining, low-key episode of Nae becoming “Sergeant Clean,” and a pajama party where Moeka gets felt up. The business of Kurisu being Amadeus and Maho being Salieri doesn’t quite work for me, since Maho clearly loved Kurisu, but it’s probably a character point that will be referenced later, when she maybe shows her own inner Wolfgang.

Tsubasa is losing her battle with gentility.

I’m trying to figure out what part of Comic Girls 10 I liked more. The part where Ruki gets depressed because she’s not getting the love her shoujo characters are wasn’t bad, and it kind of set the tone for the episode–that Kaos isn’t the only one who has issues distracting them from their work. But in terms of laughs we have to look later, like when Kaos spends the New Year holidays at Tsubasa’s huge castle (every time they show its front they play a “O Fortuna!” style lick, then cut it off and get to the action, which in this case has Tsubasa reverting to her refined mindset and forgetting about her manga. In a nice turnaround it’s Kaos who saves the day, well, and Ruki.

comicgirls10-2But if you’re in it for Kaos-chan freakouts, check out her misadventures at the shrine (worst possible luck, etc). That and the subsequent, ceremonial burning of old manuscripts to make a fire to roast sweet potatoes worked the best–in other words, everyone burns their bad work and moves on. As usual, the jokes and sight gags pop in and out constantly. Getting near the end of the series and the show is getting funnier. Next week the dorm’s destruction becomes an official storyline, so I don’t expect to laugh as much.

One thought on “Hisone 9, Steins;Gate and Comic Girls 10

  1. I agree that Steins;Gate 10 definitely felt like everyone was just kind of on hold. It feels like this episode has set up some interesting stuff to come, but the episode itself wasn’t that interesting.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the shows.

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