Steins;Gate 0 11, Comic Girls finale

It looks like a final episode …

Steins;Gate 0 11 has one more confrontation with goons and then seems to turn into a finale, but, of course, there are too many loose ends to take care of. Important things get accomplished: Rintarou finally tells Maho most of the truth about the time machine, and then there’s her emotional decision about what to do with the computer, destroy the closes thing she has to Kurisu, or take Rintarou’s word for it and destroy the reason for the next world war. The fact that they’re tracked down by goons again almost has nothing to do with it. One set of goons goes after the computer, another set comes and shoots the first group, and destroys it. Essentially the same thing that Rintarou wanted, only he gets grazed by a bullet in the second case. A lot of time is spent with Maho getting over the loss of Kurisu’s data, but a calm, rational Rintarou talks sense to her–never thought I’d see that. Then it’s … goodbye. Everyone goes home and hopes it’s all over, except Yuki is still around, and so is Kagari. So I figure the next story arc is going to have a lot to do with her. In the meantime, it’s nice to get an episode which ends calmly, with no cliffhanger.

comicgirls12-1Comic Girls ends, and I expected a sad but sweet goodbye episode now that Kaos-chan had a manuscript approved, so I expected to be bored. But it turns out Kaos still has the crisis producing the two-parter. The first half had maybe too much help from the others, but now they’ve left the dorm, so she is faced with doing part 2 on her own. There are lots of “do your best!” lines, some from her mom who comes to visit, and temporary moments of inspiration, but in the end what keeps the scenes from being deadly were Kaos-chan’s near-constant anxiety attacks, made worse from her mom’s bringing baby pictures. Even then the episode got dull because we knew she would finish it and it would be accepted. And that’s just what happens. And because the everything is better than we think, it turns out they were just building a NEW dorm (rather fast, I think), and they move back in together, and everyone’s happy, except that Kaos is back to getting her manuscripts rejected.

comicgirls12-2There are good CGDCT shows but more bad ones. This one was good. It didn’t have the intangible qualities that Azumanga Daoih had, nor the inventive, silly, and playful art and animation of Hidamari Sketch, nor the sheer weirdness of Is the Order a Rabbit, three of the best shows of the genre I can think of. But it did have other strengths shared by them: fun characters and a genuinely funny script performed by excellent seiyuu. You could argue about whether the other girls were all THAT interesting, and I’ll nod my head, but it had Kaos-chan and her superbly executed and timed freakouts which punctuated almost every good scene. Basically the show, the direction at least, fell on her shoulders, and seiyuu Hikaru Akao did outstanding work. Everyone else involved just had to make sure they did their jobs. Next for Ms. Akao is something called Backstreet Girls, which looks weird, but not as cute.

One more of Kaos-chan freaking out about something or other. Does it matter what?

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