Island and Isekai Maou 2-4, HaruKana 2-3

island2-1Getting into the episode twos … Island doesn’t try to do anything dramatic, but has Setsuna wander around the island, chatting up various girls, mainly about Soot Blight Syndrome, which Rinne supposedly has, and so does the nice obaasan who collapses and is rushed to the hospital. From this Karen and Sara tell Setsuna about the legends of the three families of the island, mainly connected to steps they took to contain the disease before it could hit the mainland. But a later chat with Rinne’s mother tells us that Rinne doesn’t actually have it, but Setsuna is at a loss as to what to do with that information. Nonetheless, we have the first story arc–getting Rinne out into the sun like she is in the OP. Also, Sara tries to seduce Setsuna (after trying to kill him last episode), he walks in on Karen, who is undressed because she’s also a maid at that house now. I suspect we’re going to get one flash of skin every episode.

Oh, that was easy.

Okay, so the next big story arc isn’t about Rinne going outside. She’s drawn outside out of annoyance that the others were pretending to have fun at the beach, an amusing bit, though I’d be giggling if I had to read the sexy lines Sara wrote in her little scripts. So what IS the next story arc? Right now it seems to be Karen’s wanting to get off the island to search for her mother, but as Sara points out, she might not be as sincere about that as she’d like Setsuna to believe, and this is all her acting out at her father. Or maybe they’ll drop that for a while and we’ll get back to the question over Setsuna’s true identity: is he really the legendary Setsuna? When Rinne faints at the sight of the beach house it was because, she now remembers, that she used to meet another Setsuna there. But our Setsuna has no memories of that shack. The skin for this episode was provided by Rinne in the hot bath, and the girl to come onto Setsuna this time is Karen at the very end, but I think she’s just acting out again …

That also wrapped up quickly.

In episode 4, just like last time, what I expected to be a major story arc is accomplished in one episode. Karen, in spite of the talk of acting out, decides to finally leave the island. Oh, there’s a ruse early on where she and everyone but her dad create a marriage scenario (with the nice island cop), but really she could have just run off. And it turns out her mother isn’t too hard to find, either, if you have the map her brother made for her. It leads right to her grave. And it turns out her mother wrote the book she likes so much, and that she was a successful scientist who researched … okay, why did her cute assistant Momoka keep quiet about it? It’s obviously about the secret of the world, or at least the island, that really ought to be revealed if they want “the revolution” to happen, and that’s what the story seems to be about. Anyway, that’s all settled. Next week it’s Sara’s crisis to deal with, and it will probably take under one episode.

Diablo gets his level checked.

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu has a little less skin than Island, but it’s much lewder. In episode 2 Diablo wakes up and finds his hands on the boobs of both Shera and Rem, and it goes on from there. The episode itself is nothing much, more world-building in registering for quests, where we meet Sylvie, a scantily-clad guildmaster, and some character development when the first quest proves to be a trap set by that asshole from last week, involving hapless elves from Shera’s land. Turns out she’s a princess and is betrothed to “nii-san,” which worries me. That minor annoyance done with we get some actual good musing from Diablo about why the levels here are so low–because there’s no resurrection. Why risk your life? Then, because this show knows getting too thoughtful for too long would be bad, Shera comes on to Diablo. I don’t know why I’m still watching this, but I still rather like it …

isekaimao3-1Episode 3 lightens up on the sexiness, apart from the inadequate clothing, and actually splits into two stories. But first they have to introduce Emile, an enthusiastic moron who tries to free the girls from Diablo. After that nuisance, Diablo and Rem do a simple quest and find themselves facing a Fallen invasion, which is tough even for Diablo, but really it’s just a way to introduce that girl in the OP, Edelgard, boss of bosses, or something like that. But the story is unresolved at the end. So is the other one, where Galluk, fired by the mage association, tries to get a bit of revenge and it turns out he’s been housing a Fallen of his own, Gregure. This is unresolved too, but both cliffhangers were effective. Can Rem and Celes defend themselves when Diablo isn’t around, and how will Edelgard turn into Diablo’s ally?

isekaimaou4-1Well, well, Diablo saves the day by somehow coming up with transporting magic that he didn’t have before. So he’s able to save the day on two fronts. His first battle with Edelgard was the more interesting one, because Edelgard is the one person he’s fought that actually inflicted damage on him. Not enough to defeat him, but it gave him a new experience and demonstrated that he CAN be hurt. I don’t mind invincible characters if the story is interesting, but at least now we have a new angle on the character. The other battle was a bit of a bore, because we knew Emile wouldn’t defeat the Fallen on his own, so we had to put up with his brave speeches which even bored the monster until Diablo showed up and made quick work of it. At least Diablo had the decency to be tired after all that. After that some more contemplation of the mortality of this world, and the unquenchable human spirit, and then some fanservice to wrap up this story arc.

Um, someone get that.

Harukana Receive 2 has the match that Haruka has been diligently practicing for, but the match is of course a catalyst for exposing the relationships as they used to be and they are now. Basically, Kanata used to be partners with Narumi, but she would freeze when receiving, so Narumi was forced to switch partners and team with Ayasa, the sensible middle-man in this situation. So in the return match Haruka (who had talked to Ayasa about Kanata’s problems, with Kanata conveniently overhearing) did a switch, and after one failure Kanata succeeds in receiving one of Narumi’s serves. So now it’s Narumi who’s upset, because Haruka got Kanata to do something that she herself could not. Where it goes from here I’ll find out soon, but Ayasa will have an episode or two down the line, since Kanata is now a threat to her pairing. And throughout there will be lots more butt and boob shots, but of course we expect that. As for me, I’m still on the fence on this show.

Claire’s a good addition to the show.

Still on the fence after episode 3. It’s not a bad show, but I’m beginning to wonder how many inhibitions Kanata has. This time it’s about her reluctance to use a “pokey” spike. Turns out that as a child, well, younger, she used to be a power player, but now she’s too short, and somehow she thinks using one is not being true to herself. Emily, one of two fun newcomers this week, points out she DID use it as a child; it was another offensive weapon at her disposal, and as the show says (rather too many times), what the hell, if you score, it’s all good. Sometimes I don’t know how Kanata’s head is wired … as for Emily and her exuberant sister Claire (Emily is the serious one, you can tell because she wears glasses), their bicker brings some comedy to the series, which is good. Haruka’s not bad, but she can’t do it alone.

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