Planet With 6, Harukana, Isekai Maou and Saibou 7, Island 8

planetwith6-1Planet With 6 makes wonder where the story is going to go from here … To start with we have two big confrontations left over from last week. The first one, Souya vs Takezou, ends quickly, with Souya landing the big punch and Takezou landing harmlessly in Yousuke’s mecha hands. Whereupon he and Yousuke both hand over their vials. So the sealing (dog) faction is defeated and all is good, right? Well, there’s that other battle, Shiraishi vs Takashi, made confusing because we don’t know why they’re fighting or who’s side they’re on. But the confusion ends abruptly. While no one wants the dog to seal mankind’s evolutionary growth, Takashi is revealed, in a long, bewildered doggy infodump, as the resurrected Dragon, who destroyed Souya’s planet, and declared that he will bring peace to Earth by smashing the hell out of anyone who fights.

Our mighty heroes.

So instead of two factions, we apparently have three, though with Shiraisi out of action it appears to be down to two again. So we get a long fight with lots of declarations and shouting. Ginko joins Souya in the mecha mainly do nothing until one bit at the end. I expected there to be a stalemate, one of them escaping for a later episode, but instead … it finishes. Souya wins. Takashi, after hearing garbled advice from Souya (which he got from Takezou) crumbles away, Souya gets a vision of his brother … and that’s it. NOW what will the show do? Souya got all the vials, defeated the dragon, and got his complete revenge. Apart from dealing with tomorrow’s hangover the story is done … there’s still six episodes to go. We get a clue from next week’s title: Sirius, and we learned from the dog that that planet was “warlike,” so is there going to be a return to that? Maybe Souya will go rogue and his new friends Harumi and the occult club, and/or his former adversaries will bring him back. It’s anybody’s guess.

Guess Akari’s character type.

The tournament over, Harukana Receive 7 turns to … well, it was weird at first. The opening concert scene with the crap CGI made me check the name of the program I was watching. Turns out it was the dream of Akari, that girl we met at the end of last episode. She wants to join because she saw Eclair in a volleyball magazine and thought beach volleyball was glamorous. The weird thing is that Akari is famous herself, a local idol made famous by a cute commercial she did years ago. She wants more glamour, I guess. But what she needs is friends, though the tsundere side of her won’t admit it. Haruka and Kanata instinctively realize this and do their best to befriend her, leading to many tsundere moments and another “If you lose, you have to join the club” challenge. For all of Alari’s bad attitude, she changes her tune and gets friendly rather too quickly. But I liked Kanata’s serious but encouraging thrashing of the poor newbie, and Haruka’s kindness toward her. The two are making an excellent team even off the court.

Rem helps Diablo snap out of it.

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu 7 does everything I predicted it would. Shera was hypnotized by Keera’s flute and so gets into the carriage with him. Later, Diablo, Rem, and Alicia go off to get her back, just as she’s undergoing an attack by flesh-eating slime as Keera gloats. As you can expect, there’s way too much fanservice, and too much “Shera, tell us how you really feel?” with Shera declaring how she feels a tad too much. Then Keera brings out a four-headed dragon and we get a cliffhanger. All was to be expected. However, the show takes an important step further. Shera’s apparent desertion early on reminds Diablo of his days in our world, as a boy named Takuma, deserted by his so-called friends. So now he’s again undergoing a feeling of being betrayed by someone important to him, and not wanting to get further involved in this emotional mess, doesn’t act until Rem, still a friend, snaps him out of it. I’m sure he would have come around to it, but better sooner than later when there’s clothing-eating slime involved. I wonder … if he had had friends like Shera and Rem back on Earth, would he have been sent to this world?

hatarakusaibou7-1Hataraku Saibou 7, underneath its usual silly cover, is the darkest episode yet. First of all, it’s cancer. I can’t think of a worse thing to happen to a body. It takes just about every type of cell, apart from the reds, who as usual stand around wishing they could help, the body has got to defeat it. Fortunately they do, well, until the foreboding line … for now. What makes it darker is the cancer cell’s backstory, hunted by killer-Ts, wondering why he was brought into this world, and White’s “Sorry, he have to do kill you.” For the good of the body, of course. It makes the human body seem like a rigid orthodoxy that does not permit any sort of difference within it. The metaphor falls apart when you remember that the cancer cells were trying to destroy this society out of revenge, they’re not just misunderstood, not-normal cells. I hear the body has a lot of bacteria floating around that aren’t produced by the body but don’t hurt anything, but indeed can be beneficial. I wonder if the show will mention that, and what they would be like. That’s another of the growing list of topics I hope the show gets to cover.

Setsuna, hanging out with Setsuna.

A lot happens in Island 8, and every time something does, the show gets even weirder. First we have Setsuna in a boat, rescuing Rinne, whereupon they shipwreck on that island. They actually find the other Setsuna, decaying, and also some super-advanced technology, with a weird capsule, not what I expected. They spend a few happy days on the island to settle Rinne’s obviously rattled psyche back in order, and they had back in the boat … and Rinne dies. Did not expect that, either. Then Natsumi returns and we get a lot of backstory about how Rinne was not washed up on the beach a few months ago, but sleeping in a time-stasis capsule on the island. Turns out the island isn’t so hard to find after all.

Or send them to the past, or something. I’m not sure.

The lengthy infodump brings back Karen’s mom and also gives us a lot of mysterious artifacts found around the world, each with its own legend about a witch who cursed two lovebirds, so they travel a long way to find the witch, who says they will be reunited in time, or something like that. And the capsule is to keep whichever Setsuna fresh until that point, I guess, like it did Rinne, or it goes back in time so that Setsuna can save the girl and kill the guy (who, our Setsuna muses, was the Setsuna within Rinne), or maybe I’m getting confused and it’s a different capsule. Anyway, Setsuna agrees to get inside it and go back in time, or the future where they will be reunited, or to just not die so … I don’t really know anymore. The final bits seem like a farewell to Karen and Sara, so maybe we’ve seen the last of them and we’re going into the past or the future … argh.

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