Saibou 9, Harukana 8-9, Isekai Maou 9, Starlight 8, Island 10

hatarakusaibou8-1Hataraku Saibou 8 leaves me a little confused, in that the episode was straightforward, Red cell trying to deliver her CO2 without getting too lost and with White sneaking around behind her, helping her out, but hasn’t Red been to the heart before? I mean, it was fun to watch, with the heart depicted as a sort of massive transportation depot, with ventricles going this way and that (and frankly, I would easily get lost if I had her route), and the yin-yang sign at the entrance, but surely her job is to go to the heart and get sent somewhere else. Surely this would be an everyday occurrence for her, but she’s never taken the trip before … My favorite bit this week was probably the red cells getting sweets to refresh themselves, since they rely on glucose for energy, you see. Oh, White cell gets punched and bleeds red blood. It’s just a show …

harukanareceive8-1Harukana Receive 8 is still in the middle of their between-tournament downtime episodes. We do get a new character, Marissa, Eclair’s mom, basically a taller, more mature, and just as sexy blonde girl, who kindly becomes their coach with no one objecting. I wondered if they were going to make her a super-sadistic demon coach, but while she’s hardcore, she’s not cruel, and she knows the backstory, that is, she knows what happened to Kanata and is pleased to see how Haruka has opened her up. The big moment comes at the end, when it turns out Harumi and Ayasa are at the airport, so they rush over and Kanata manages to get a small affirmation from Harumi of the promise they once had. So it’s a happy episode, filled with practices, popsicles, Marissa’s Yukari-sensei-style driving, and New Year visits to the shrine, the first time I can remember such a scene where everyone is wearing summer clothes and not coats.

Well, not until next week …

Tired of all that interim stuff, episode 9 jumps to the actual qualifier tournament and some bad news. Because of a lack of teams, only one pair get to advance to nationals. This makes Akari very upset because she’s afraid a match between them will tear the club apart. Meanwhile I’m thinking “they have to get to the final match first–one step at a time, girls.” But when Harukana’s second opponent, the Aragaki sisters, well one of them, declare a challenge to Eclair for a loss three years ago, I was pretty confident that Harukana would spoil their fun. And so they did, rather easily, even with the Aragaki’s use of topspin. That quickly-manufactured drama point concluded, we’ll get to the final game next week. Now, this is a 12-episode series, and the important thing is to get Kanata to meet Harumi at the nationals, so I’m predicting a Harukana upset of Eclair. Unless there’s a season 2, and in that case it will be Eclair, and Harukana will move on next season … Wait, they’re third-years … Hmm.

isekaimaou9-1Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu 9 begins the job of getting rid of that demon that’s sealed inside Rem. But first we get a paladin knight named Saddler who is going around massacring village in the name of God, or because he’s a murderous lunatic. Then we get Shera getting some magic, a gratuitous bathing scene and then Edelgard shows up and pretty much says “Let’s do this final story arc now!” She’s going to show our heroes how to get rid of the demon and not hurt Rem in the process–nice of her. I guess to fill out the episode they bring Saddler back to act threatening and righteous … and, well, did they really need this substory at all? Well, as I said, it was filler. Oh, and Rem goes around telling everyone who didn’t know about her dark secret and gets a lot of hugs out of it.

The London production, which moves to Tokyo later.

Another interesting episode of Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight this week, as we focus on Hikari and her time in Dondon, er, London, doing the same things she’s always done, and so there’s giraffe auditions there, too. And she loses a match, and then her mojo, er, shine. The auditions seem to be getting more sinister the more we learn about them. Winners take the shine from the losers apparently, though from how the girls battle in the Japanese auditions, I don’t see this happening except this one time, to Hikari, and it’s quickly easy to see that it’s because she had forgotten her promise to Karen to stand up as stars together. I suspect I ought to lighten up on figuring out the hidden mechanics of this whole deal and take the battles as heavy symbolism.

Banana is nice even when kicking butt.

The giraffe, however, thinks she hasn’t lost her shine completely, and sends her back to Japan. Next thing we know she’s fighting Banana, that most complex of the contestants, and losing. Banana is full of sympathy, sensing something lost in Hikari (meanwhile Karen’s getting her butt whooped by Claudine), while the crazy backstage effects resemble those of a scene back in London, giant scary hand in fire and all. This leads to Hikari declaring the old promise, and her knife levels up … and Tokyo Tower falls top-down into water, the big WTF moment for me. Well, fire, water, I guess. Good for Hikari, I guess, but my surprise is Banana being the one to fight her. While she fights well, she’s obviously more concerned and curious about Hikari, at one point saying that Hikari is “one of us.” Her team-player side coming out, I guess. Both Banana and Claudine ask their opponents why they are doing this, and get the same answer.

revuestarlight8-3Banana also points out that “Starlight” is a tragedy of sorts, that separation is in store for them, and more directly, she asks what Hikari will do when she has to fight Karen. Good question! Karen and now Hikari’s determination to share the spotlight is at odds with the auditions themselves and its assumption that there can be only one. The giraffe can only ponder. We’ll find out in the next few episodes, I suppose. Meanwhile, I’ll add that this was yet another episode that dazzles visually and bewilders me with some of the imagery, but I’m fine with that.

The mission isn’t going well.

Meanwhile, (Never) Island 10 is still stuck in its dystopian future, but Setsuna’s on his way back now, after an unpleasant episode where they go to rescue Karen’s little friends and find they’re already dead. Then her dad is killed in a coup which is also a trap, and Setsuna, Sara, and Karen are almost burned at the stake before Rinne rescues them using fireworks–nice touch. Then, on their way to an underground cave (at least they spend some outside so we can see a glimpse of blue sky), Sara dies from her injuries. Then Karen of Soot Blight. Happiness all around. But Rinne figures out that Setsuna was sent to the future so he can change the past, which doesn’t sound right, but what she means is that he needs to bring some tech knowledge back to his own time, or before, or wherever the hell he’s going now. And, after declaring vows and some sex in the dark, off he goes to, well, as I said, wherever the hell … Just get us out of winter, please.

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