Saibou and Planet With 09, Harukana 10, Revue Starlight 9, Isekai Maou 10

Hatarakusaibou9-1Hataraku Saibou 9 features Killer T, well the one we’ve watching, and the story of his arduous training alongside who would become Helper T and a bunch of other grunts. Helper T was a genius who always did best, and Killer T was a low-confidence bumbler. Naturally, they are enemies and rivals, but they secretly hold respect for the other one, with lots of army-type scenes, shouting, punches of love, etc etc. The stuff of many a manga, I’m sure, and one I don’t really want to watch. Apart from the interesting facts the voice-over gives us, nothing much redeems the episode. White Cell is hardly seen, same with the platelets, and I don’t recall seeing Red at all. Let’s move on to the next episode.

planetwith9-1Saibou might have been a letdown this week, but Planet With brings everything together with the silliest and most dramatic confrontation I’ve seen in a while. It comes down to two people’s desires. First we have Yosuke, who has come to the realization that he can never have Benika (and frankly, she’s way too cool for him), and to deal with that pain and others, decides he will seal the world and stop their evolution forever. Torai tries to stop him, then Miu and Harumi, wait, weren’t they on the same side? Anyway, they fail, and everything is sealed … except Souya, thanks to that cosmic being guy. Which leads us to the other person this episode’s about.

planetwith9-2A few episodes ago it was clear that Souya had no clear reasons for fighting once the threat of the dragon was gone. Besides, this isn’t his planet–let them make their own mistakes. But Nozomi talks to him and says “I’m on the side of the people I want to befriend!” and Souya’s eyes went wide. I guess then seeing Nyan, Ginko, and Nozomi all sealed made him realize that he actually did care for some things on this planet. First, a speech to the sealed people to wake them up, then, as the music soars, Souya, the big cat, and the cute maid take on Yosuke. The scene is very exciting and triumphant, but also kind of loopy when you consider who the heroes are:

planetwith9-3Most importantly, Souya finally has something to fight for, and while we were expecting this realization for weeks, having it happen doesn’t take away from the moment.

Claire’s game face.

Harukana Receive 10 starts the final match, and naturally they don’t do it all in one episode. The first set takes up most of it, and early on it’s Haruka marveling at how intense Eclair gets when in a match, especially Claire, normally so carefree but now downright scary with her game face on. They get an early lead, but naturally Harukana regroup and keep it close. That’s expected, I suppose, but I really wonder if Harukana have any business being in a final game against Eclair, even though they trained together and had their mom as their coach. Well, Kanata’s no slouch, either. We get a flashback to when Emily learned to assert herself (Ironically, a loss to Kanata), and a bit where Shii sings her song on the sideline, at which point I muttered “Can we get back to the match now?” Not to mention some surprise moves by both sides. So next week we’ll finish the second set. I just hope they don’t extend it for too long. Finally, why do I find myself rooting for Eclair?

revuestarlight9-1It’s hard to tell at first who Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight 9 is going to feature. At times it looked like Karen and Hikari, but it settles on Banana again. She STILL can’t let go of the 99th performance, and in fact is acting a little crazy about it to Junna. She talks about that performance and how it brought everyone together, and how she doesn’t want to let it go, even as the script, costumes and weapons undergo changes. Meanwhile, we get the entire story of Starlight from Hikari, from the original book, and, yep, it’s depressing, and, judging from the flashbacks, not a great choice for showing off the talents of the school’s best performers, but let that pass. Two goddesses, Claire and Flora, try to reach the star in order to get Flora’s memory back, and she does, but Flora loses her sight and vanishes somewhere. Karen and Hikari can easily see themselves in those roles, and they happily imagine it together.

revuestarlight9-2Banana’s true feelings come out in the duel with Karen, not Hikari, because Banana realized that it’s Karen’s new passion that changed the circumstances and ruined Banana’s dream of a repeat performance. In the battle Banana admits she doesn’t understand why Karen is so passionate to go to the new, blinding light. Karen’s replies among the sword slashes are banal, though true enough: every performance is different, people need to move forward, etc. And because these duels are won by who has the better argument and not by skill, Karen wins. Fortunately for Banana, Junna is around to console her and quote famous westerners about moving forward, and Banana seems fine with it all. It all makes me wonder if the auditions (and they’re almost done, says the giraffe) are going to do something unpleasant but beautiful to the girl who finally wins. Will Karen actually lose her eyes, or vanish into the star, of which there are two? What about Hikari? Your guess is as good as mine.

Demon logic.

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu 10 takes the ultimate story arc, getting that demon out of Rem’s body, and makes it ridiculous. Let’s ignore what Diablo has to do to get to KrebSkulm, if you can, get to what has been obvious to anyone watching the ED: Krebskulm is a pre-teen girl in skimpy girls who isn’t sure why she should destroy all mortals, and since the ones here are nice to her and offer her biscuits, she happily joins up with them. More biscuits! There’s brief interference by another demon, who gives a good fight and then runs. If the show hits another season I’m sure we’ll see more of him. Also, Rem is torn because Krebskulm did mayhem to her people and family, so there’s a moral issue. And we get a new story arc at the end when Alicia seems to go a little crazy, but I didn’t understand it. It will be an anticlimax if that becomes the last story arc. These are a lot of issues to resolve in the last two episodes. Probably the show will turn silly and resolve them in ten minutes, leaving more time for Diablo and the three girls (Four? Five?) in bed.

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