Island and Harukana 11, Saibou and Planet With 10

Good to be back.

Island 11 only advances the story a little, and it happens in the final minute. But that’s okay, because Setsuna’s back on the island, and it’s summer! Not only that, he’s back at the same time he came back before, but he doesn’t meet himself, which is odd because Saya has a throwaway line about travelers meeting themselves, but let it pass. Since he knows what’s going to happen, he spares us from repeating all the old story arcs and wraps them up before the episode is over. Karen’s sneaking on the boat, meeting Sara, Karen’s trip, the shack, the island, everything is done, until we find ourselves in an outdoor festival we didn’t see before, so it’s time for new stuff. This time it’s weirdness with Kuon, Rinne’s mom, who, in an old photo, is wearing the same homemade ring Setsuna gave Rinne. Not only that, but we finally get a peek into her room and see she’s got another pod in there. So is Setsuna actually Rinne’s father and he’s doing a loop? Who’s the dad in the picture? Well, there’s only one episode left, not enough time to whip up much drama, so I guess there will be one crisis, averted, and then lots of happy gooey sentimental stuff.

hatarakusaibou10-1Hataraku Saibou 10 starts as just another day in the body, with all the cells doing their cell-stuff, everyone chugging happily along, the one threat used as an introduction to the guys in the yellow suits (monocytes, we’re told). I would have been happy if the entire episode was like this low-stress happy time, but you know they have to give us something serious (though I frankly don’t know why–just let the body be healthy for once). This time it’s the return of the staph cell, but she’s stronger now and has some nasty tricks up her sleeve. And so we meet the only cell in the show we haven’t learned about yet–the lovely and deadly macrophages, who turn out to be the monocytes out of their suits. Apart from the explanations it was all pretty routine. I enjoyed Red’s visit to the nasal cavity with all its amenities for relaxing the hard-working cells. It’s good to see them get a break now and then.

harukanareceive11-1Harukana Receive 11 is one of the reasons why I rarely watch sports anime. I can understand Harukana winning the second set to make things more exciting, and the switches to side characters watching or wondering who’s winning, but then they draw out the final set with endless pronouncements of “We will win this!” from both sides and at the end of the episode it stands at deuce. If the gameplay was at least fun to watch maybe I wouldn’t mind so much, but the action scenes have gotten repetitive, Claire and Haruka rising to spike or block, close-ups of the ball flying around, all in slow motion. The creators have nothing else to show us. So now we have to wait until NEXT week to crown the champion …

The only show I know of where fighters on both sides use performance-enhancing drugs.

Planet With 10, on the other hand, has a fight so nutty and fun that I thought for sure it was the finale. Souya challenges the big dog, who suggests they meet in a week for the final battle. But there are no delays in the story here–the show immediately jumps to a week later and a deserted island where both sides and cause damage. The others are invited too, mainly to provide commentary. It’s pretty evenly matched, both sides giving and receiving damage, when Takezou roars in with his great final blow to avenge his son, and, having done so, falls out of the action while dog and cat continue their battle, just a non-sequitor moment, or maybe the show decided they needed the trailing plot-strand sewed up.

planetwith10-2The battle goes on until they’re … in SPAAACE … where they knock each other out, fall to earth, wake up, swallow themselves again, and how they’re huge machines, still trading blows, until a hole is opened in the big dog and Souya and the rest charge into it, leading to a sort of de-evolving, until they’re back in human form, and the final blow is made. Again, the action was exciting, kind of ridiculous at times considering the people fighting it, while the CGI manages not to call too much attention to itself and the soundtrack blares inspiring, old-school anime fighting anthems. I thought for sure that everything was taken care of and this was a rare, ten-episode series, but there’s still that dragon to fight in five years, actually next week. While I wait I will wonder why there aren’t more shows that can be out-and-out goofy as this one.

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