Revue Starlight 10, Maou and Saibou 11, Island finale


The combatants

I’m not sure about how Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight is pacing itself. In terms of the giraffe auditions, everything is accomplished, we have a winner. Now, there’s going to be fallout from how it turned out, but it shouldn’t take two episodes to wrap up. Anyway, we have final audition day, and the girls are doing their usual off-say routines, rehearsing, cleaning, hanging out. Karen and Hikari revisit the aquariums, including the one that was closed, and reaffirm their goals, including an odd but lovely bit where Hikari speaks to the child Karen, then vice-versa, while the two as children watch from their theatre seats, beaming … except Hikari does a strange thank-you at the end of all this, a clear sign she’s thinking of something else. Back to the stage, it’s going to be a two-on-two battle, Karen and Hikari vs Maya and Claudine (who had been reaffirming their own goals to each other). Aha! So two girls CAN get to the star! Or so we think. Meanwhile I love how the girls who were left out get to watch from the balcony and eat bentos prepared for them.

I don’t like where this is going.

As expected, Maya/Claudine go on the offensive. They’ve been dancing together for a long time now and know each other very well. But during a brief pause and silent nodding of heads, our heroines come roaring back. Frankly, while it’s not bad, it’s not one of the more amazing battles to watch. It feels more static than some. In the end, some nifty teamwork and sheer determination on Karen’s part gets the gold button from Maya. Here the show switches to two contrasting situations. Claudine is distraught that Maya could lose, but Maya tells her that it’s just one situation and she couldn’t have gotten this far without Claudine, so Merci. So those two girls are now closer than ever. As for the victors, they are surprised to learn that there’s one final battle, one-on-one. Hikari repeats her thank you speech from before, and well, while Maya and Claudine are closer, Hikari cuts the cord, so to speak, on Karen. The twist makes sense in terms of Hikari’s character, but I was still surprised by her cruel efficiency at it. … So again, it it going to take two episodes for then to become friends again? What else will happen. As I often say about this show: I have no clue.

You’d be pissed off too if you just saw your best friend get stabbed multiple times.

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu 11 is a pretty ugly episode all around. Basically, Rem and Klem get accosted in town by Saddler and Alicia, the latter actually being (and this is the only bright spot in the entire episode) completely EVIL, well, she worships demon lords who want to exterminate mortal beings, so close enough. A nice heel turn, though the rest of the episode is so dire I can’t get to excited. Anyway, they’re taken to a church where Saddler starts to torture Rem (not threaten to, but actually torture), while the distraught Klem is told by Rem not to interfere, even though she could use her powers not to hurt anyone but simply help them escape. Meanwhile, Diablo is running around without a clue until the light-show at the church when Klem REALLY wakes up. Okay, two bright spots in the episode, as Saddler is vaporized. Well, the series wouldn’t be complete unless we had a real demon lord vs. demon lord battle, but they didn’t have to get there by indulging in torture porn.

It’s a miracle!

For a while now I’ve thought about things the body does that I want Hataraku Saibou to cover, and one of them was running a marathon. Well, episode 11 touches on that a little with a heatstroke episode. Man, this body can’t buy a break. It’s a shame that, apart from the educational aspect, it’s not that great an episode. Most of it is spent either with blood cells going around saying how hot it is, or White going after a bacillus cereus, who has the upper hand for too long and laughs way too much. And even the education voice-overs by the nice lady go on a bit, and all action stops while she’s talking. So we wait for the turnaround, which turns out to be a transfusion and general cooling down. I did like how the cells had no idea how the transfusion fluid was getting in. They have no idea what’s going on outside of the body, as I guess they shouldn’t. Finally, I would like to thank the creators for airing this episode in September, and not in July or August when it was miserably hot outside.

island12-1Island crosses the finish line in convoluted fashion, no surprise because time travel shows usually do. In the future, Rinne, distraught over sending Setsuna back to our time, and pregnant with Rinne, er, the young Rinne, apparently made another time machine which got her washed up on that beach, where she was taken in by that guy, became a maid, and when the family’s matriarch died, took on the role of Rinne’s (not Rinne, Rinne) mother, which she was anyway, and was renamed Kuon. Then Setsuna showed up. So Setsuna, close to proposing to young Rinne, would have been marrying his own daughter. So we get some confrontation bits, and young Rinne, in a moment of clarity and generosity that exhibits her growth (the best part of the episode) gives Setsuna and her mother her blessings. They get married for real and everybody’s happy.

Rinne (if that’s her name now) has a shining moment.

But wait, what about the fact that the time machine wasn’t a time machine but a time-freezing device, so you can’t go back into the past. Or that nonsense about about history going through a cycle. If so, shouldn’t they try to break out of it? I would–I hate stories where the characters are stuck into a pattern they have to repeat, or at least have no control over. Yeah, so anyway the mechanics that make the story has a lot of problems, but time travel stories often do. Besides, it was only a device to tell a story, and this one wasn’t terrible. Setsuna and just about all the other cast members were fun to watch. I particularly liked Sara and her crazy hair. I enjoyed the tropical island setting and worried when they seemed to abandon it. A pleasant series to kill a half-hour this summer.

One more of Saya.

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