Planet With 11, Harukana and Isekai Maou finales

Today’s magic word is “forgive.”

After last week’s craziness, Planet With 11 starts off sedately enough, five years in the future, sort of a “Where are they now?” feeling to it even though the story isn’t over yet. Everyone except the ojiisan is still around, and we learn that they have psychic powers because of the armor that the dragon gave them … wait, why does Nozomi have powers then? She was the show’s standard normal, unpowered character. Well, nevermind. Souya is taller and more mature. No longer interested in revenge, he, with the encouragement of Ginko and all the aliens who have assembled near Earth to assist, want to forgive the dragon. It goes on in this nice way most of the episode until the dragon wakes up, and we find it’s the Paradise guy’s brother. Paradise guy looks like Souya’s lost brother, but little is made of the connection, or the fact that Souya first fought partly to avenge his own brother. And so, the metaphors are locking into place, and we’ll have the big battle, if there is one–probably a lot of forgiving violence, next week.

Championship point.

Harukana Receive ends, and for my money the wrong girls won. There’s just no way a relative beginner should advance against Eclair, no matter how good her teammate Kanata is. At least they didn’t delay the final point too much. There was an annoying Haruka memories bit before the last rally, and more ridiculous comments from courtside from Ai, or is it Mai, which they had to repeat twice. Still, it was over with over half the episode to go. After that it was tidying up. Harukana felt down for winning, Claire, of course, puts on her happy face and tells them to be happy. Eclair have to have a moment by themselves, of course, and then a beach barbecue party, and that’s about it.

harukanareceive12-2So now the girls will go to nationals, and unless there’s a season two, we won’t get to see it. We still have emotional blobs about Kanata and Harumi to work out, so the creators have the material. But will I watch it? Well, season one wasn’t all that great, not bad, mind you, but nothing I would recommend to anyone unless they were into girls bouncing around in bikinis. Haruka, the main character, had the least dimension to her. Kanata was all right, but apart from her growth she couldn’t give that much, especially when the show didn’t cover the situation with Harumi, one of Kanata’s biggest character points. Claire and Emily were always fun to watch. Akari hardly had anything to do after she joined. The matches, as I said last week, weren’t all that exciting to watch. Too many slow-motion shots and the like. If there is a second season, well, I don’t know …

One more of Claire,
Diablo starts the job …

Isekai Maou to Shoukan Shoujo no Dorei Majutsu finishes too, with the big battle between KlemSkulm and Diablo, which concludes in predictable fashion. Klem has Diablo running around for a while, he whips out some big magic which weakens Klem, but it takes the revived Rem to appeal to Klem before the battle can stop. After that there’s the decision of what to do with Klem. Sylvie doesn’t want her in the city, so Klem agrees to become Diablo’s slave. After that there’s the matter of Alicia. In perhaps a too-long scene, where everyone has to give speeches, all is forgiven and she leaves town. After that it’s more sexy time, of course.

… Rem finishes it.

Not a great show unless you like fanservice. The best moments came from Diablo, a human loner nerd who has to struggle with people in his life for the first time, lapsing into his demon lord persona because he had no other way to interact, yet also trying to be decent to these strange new people who need his help or not give into temptation when they pull off their clothes and hop into bed with him. Alas, none of the other characters had much going for them apart from their stock fantasy-world personas. I didn’t mind the fact that Diablo was overpowered and capable of winning every battle, I think because in its core this was a silly fantasy comedy and not a straight-up adventure series. As for a second season, I’d probably watch it. They have things they can work with, the Fallen and the Elves for example, and they can always invent a new race or two.

One more of almost all the girls, all naked of course.

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