Akanesasu and Slime episode dump

One more for the list.

Akanesasu Shoujo 7 finishes up the Chloe arc, and it’s a boring mess. Chloe deserved better. I figured that they would give a moment where she realizes that it’s okay not to be alone sometimes, and so they did. And it made a nice comparison to the idea that the other girls, brainwashed into staring at their smartphones, were actually the ones who were alone. Chloe likes to be alone, but she’s being productive–she doesn’t always need the company of others, while the other girls, more social by nature were losing their communal selves. I’ve never bought into that argument, that social media isolates us, but I can sort of see their point, and in this arc it was handled well. BUT, the climax, where Mia, Nana, and tough Asuka battle the clutters, with constant looks at Chloe, pausing, having the same revelations over and over, though she KNOWS what she needs to do, irritated me no end. It’s a shame–there are some good ideas in this show, and the characters can be fun, but it’s often so ineptly done. I did like Chloe’s power suit, however. I didn’t expect a snarky stuffed bear attached to it.

akanesasu8-1Much of episode 8 is filler, what with the girls helping out at the cafe when the owner takes a spill, dressing up in costumes related to the fragments they have visited. They introduce some questions about the future and what they’ll all do. Yuu doesn’t seem like she really wants to go to medical school, while Asuka is just fine with taking over the family miso shop. Everyone else suggests she try something else, since she has the freedom to do so. It’s implied that she’s too immature, which bugs her. Indeed, when SeriouAsuka, or Siri, shows up, she gets more needling from the comparison. Meanwhile Seriousuka envies her less mature version’s freedom to choose, when no one in her fragment can really do so. So, in the end, Asuka uses her freedom–to follow SiriAsuka into peril. I guess there’s a point to be made here about choosing what is important over what we desire, but I don’t know if the show was going for that.

akanesasu9-1So in episode 9 they visit Seriouska’s world, where the twilight has partly absorbed the planet but has been stopped here and there by the big tree, called the twilight amber. We meet some street urchins, and Seriouska shows the girls around the base they set up. But now there is a small boy in a raincoat hanging around. Everybody watching knows who it is, even if no one there does. The question is, what side is he on? Turns out to be the EVIL side as he manages to destroy the tree and letting all the bad people in. The girls are flung back to our world leaving Seriouska to try to take out “The King of Twilight,” the small boy, herself. My big question is: did the presence of our Asuka and the other girls trigger the appearance of Kyo the boy? If so, aren’t they the ones responsible for the probable end of that world, or fragment? If so, it bothers me a lot that this personal loss to a family is made out to be a interdimension destruction machine, wiping out the lives of people who have nothing to do with this. What is so damn special about Kyo, or Asuka?

More of Chizu’s happy childhood.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 7 starts with more of Shizu’s unhappy memories, including befriending a girl and a puppy only to be forced to kill them, rather dark for this show. After that dream she announces to Rimuru and her adventurer buddies that she’s going on alone to find the person who summoned her (Leon, I assume). But before she does she has an attack and transforms into the fire demon Ifrit, who seems hell-bent on killing everybody in sight. WHY is never answered, or even asked. But after that it winds up the way we expect. Rimuru finds himself in a fire vortex, but it’s not hurting him, so he eats Ifrit, who finds himself confronting Veldora the dragon in what is presumably going to be a one-sided match. So next week are we going to watch a duel inside Rimuru? Or are we going back to the Shizu story? The village has been burned down, so they’ve got to rebuild, though that could just be done in one of Rimuru’s quick voice-overs. It’s obvious that we’ve got to take care of Shizu. My guess is that they’ll form a team, maybe with the adventurers, and Shizu’s goal will become theirs. It’s about time Rimuru got back on the road, anyway.

slime8-1By about halfway through episode 8, after learning even more about Shizue’s past, and wondering how many flashbacks we were going to get, it turned to be a deathbed speech. It happened so suddenly that I wasn’t sure what was going on. Suddenly she was asking Rimuru to eat her like he did Ifrit, and he agrees (doesn’t he worry about the two meeting up inside him, like Ifrit and Delgora?). Then her hair’s white, next thing you know various people walk in and find this strange girl standing there … Well, I was wondering when Rimuru would take on that human form we see in the OP, but I didn’t imagine that it would be taken from Shizue–I had assumed she would accompany Rimuru on their way to beat up Leon. Well, I guess in a way she is. I can only figure that it was Ifrit was keeping her alive and young all those decades, and now he’s gone … After that confusion we get a summation of the series so far that felt like a final episode event, and then a new plotline starts up. I enjoy watching this show, but I think at times they could structure it better.

The not-really-that-evil ogres.

Episode 9 gives us another local (goblin village) incident–I wonder if Rimuru will manage to get out of there before the series ends … Anyway, after playing around with his human form in predictable ways (he can be male or female, but his basic human form is sexless), he announces he will eat with the villagers today, and while the hunting party is out getting the food for it, they are attacked by ogres who, apart from one, don’t look like them. Riumru arrives and it’s clear that the attackers aren’t just being evil, turns out they are avenging an orc attack on their own people. Rimuru tries to settle things down, but naturally they refuse to talk until he beats them up a little, then everything’s fine and they head back to the goblin village to talk it out. Just like most of the episodes. Still, I don’t really mind it. This is one of those shows that just breezes cheerfully along. It was over before I realized it. How do they manage to do that I don’t know … I am watching another show like that …

Didn’t Touma once have a line like that?

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