Akanesasu and Slime 10

This wasn’t who I was expecting.

Akanesasu Shoujo 10 spends most of its time beating around the bush. We all figured that the next clutter attack would occur on our world, we’re just waiting for it to happen. Instead, the episode devotes time having the girls speculate about Asuka’s weird state of mind. As expected, after the tragic events last time, Asuka holes up for a week then reappears genkier than ever, with talk about going to defeat clutters and throwing a party for Takumi, whichever Takumi that was. He got shifted here with the girls, apparently. This leads to an argument between Asuka and Yuu over telling Takkun lies to make him feel better, and Yuu’s inability to say what she’s on her mind, and I was still waiting for the clutter to show up. Well, we also learned what happened to Kyohei (he vanished). When the presumed Kyohei does show up, after messing with a teacher for no apparent reason, we learn that the kid isn’t the King of Twilight, but his emissary, and it’s not actually Kyohei, but, er, I don’t understand it. So I figure the next couple of episodes will wrap things up by having the other girls fighting and Asuka going through some profound realizations about herself and her role in the world, though the whole Kyohei thing is still up in the air.

Gabiru the lizardman spices up the plot a bit.

There’s also dithering in Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken 10, but since the show likes to take its time showing Rimuru adjust to the new world and meeting new races, it’s to be expected. Apart from the both proud and ashamed orc leader Benimaru (named by Rimuru before he fell unconscious), agreeing to be a temporary subordinate until they expel the orcs, all 200,000 of them, there’s not much happening except orc infodumps. Well, they teased a new problem by having Rimuru collapse before he could name anybody, but nothing is made of it. Still, I wonder … And we have a counterplot with the lizardmen, also trying to beat the orcs, and their vain son of the king. He’ll meet Rimuru next week and get taken down a peg or two. I was hoping it would be this week, but in spite of all the information and background we get, the episode whizzes by. Once again, I wonder how they do it. Akanesasu seems to be twice as long in comparison. As for all the infodumps, there’s a majin going around naming lesser creatures, seemingly at random, not only orcs, but goblins, ogres, whoever. The question of why is just as interesting as any goblin/ogre/lizard/orc epic battle we’re going to see.

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