Akanesasu and Slime 11

Akanesasu Shoujo 11 is very much a penultimate episode of an anime series, with fundamental crises of motivation and confidence overcome, and a big heroic battle at the end–followed by a twist.

Super-Asuka’s sad face.

The twist wasn’t a big surprise, once I thought about it. The episode had been leading to it. Asuka realizes that this super-Asuka doesn’t just want Asuka to join the twilight because it’s going to win (and what IS super-Asuka’s motive for calling this Asuka, of all the Asukas in the dimensions, to join her?). By the face she makes when the girls reject her, you can tell how disappointed she is. Probably she’s just lonely in that place where nothing changes. Or she realizes she made a mistake, that she should have lived on and come to grips with the loss of Kyo-chan in her world. So Asuka’s abrupt turnaround, agreeing to join super-Asuka in the twilight is either because she feels sorry for her and wants to help, or maybe she can find a way to defeat the twilight from within, or both.

After the battle posing.

While the two Asukas are debating, Yuu is running around looking for her, and finally manages to transform when she tells Asuka that she loves her. There’s more talk after that, during the battle, about truths and lies. Seeing the two make up must not have made super-Asuka very happy, either … And then there are the other girls, captured and forced to listen to a “lesson” from that teacher, who basically tells them that while they all grew up a little, they will never truly become what they want because this is the way the world is. After some moping, the girls realize that everything he said was bullshit. That is apparently enough to inspire them to break free, then rush to save Asuka and Yuu in that twilight world, in the nick of time, of course. And a splendid action scene follows. In fact, a lot of the animation and artwork looked better this week, and not just in the CGI department. There was that striking shot of the city from above that started the episode, and then first Noizie battle, seen from a still camera in the distance, the girls still talking over their friendship while taking out snake heads. So now they have to wrap everything up next week. I wonder if Kyo is going to show up in some way? After all, in a way, he started all of this.

Gobta’s fired-up face.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken 11 is no buildup to a big finale, just a story arc one. After we see the goblin village getting more and more sophisticated (they’re weaving silk already?!), and the incident with Shion’s cooking which even Rimuru considers a trope, we get the meeting with Gabiru the vain lizardman. To have Rimuru just humiliate him would be boring, so they get little Gobta to do it instead. So we get the expected result with a bit of character development–Gobta is becoming more formidable than Rimuru expected. A nice bit which almost makes up for the too many times everything stops so that Gabiru can pose. I’ll add that watching Shion get pissed off and squeeze Rimuru nearly to death got old pretty quickly too, but at least those bits are brief. After that everyone worries about the Orc army, and while we’re trying to figure out just how they’re going to beat up an army of 200,000 orcs, a cute dryad named Treyni appears and asks them to defeat the orc lord, thus simplifying the situation considerably. But that’s all the time they have this week, of course. I’m curious about next week’s title: “Things Spin Out of Control.” For whom?

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