Slime 12-13, Yagate and IndexIII 12

This is not good.

It’s nice to see Tensei Shitara Slime Datta ken moving away from minor and easily-resolved conflicts to something bigger and more complicated. We start with the dryad Treyni asking for Rimuru’s help, which is more of a time-killer because we know he’ll agree. Things get more interesting when we then turn to Gabiru’s group. After they hilariously decide that Gobta must be the goblin leader, some nut named LaPlace talks Gabiru into going back to the marshes and take power from his father. Meanwhile Souei has met the Lizardman leader and they agree to join forces, the Lizardmen playing a defensive role until Rimuru’s army shows up to help. But Gabiru comes back, does the seizing power thing, and soon they’re fighting, unaware that the Orcs gain strength from eating corpses. And there you have it for this episode. Again, bigger and more interesting than what’s been going on (though that stuff was fine, too), but still kind of simple and childish from a real epic fantasy point of view. Silly though it be, I’m still keen on finding out what happens next …

Rimuru just watches.

Episode 13 continues the split story, but the events in each are pretty straightforward and triumphant. First, of course, we need to get a crisis going as the lizardmen are surrounded by hungry orcs. It looks dire and goes on a bit long, but I guess they wanted show Gabiru in a positive light. Whatever else you can say about him, he’s brave, taking on an orc general and fighting well until he starts getting his ass kicked. But that’s the end of the crisis, because mighty Gobta shows up to help, and soon Ranga and the Kijin are exploding things everywhere, each one getting a chance to show their TRUE POWER, and the orc army shrinks. Meanwhile, Souei and the lizard daughter have no trouble at all defeating all the orcs in the dungeon and rescuing the chieftain, and Treyni the dryad makes Gelmud flee to the impressive-looking castle where the guy who started this smirks. As for Rimuru, he’s floating on bat wings above it all, doing nothing but saying “Sugei!” a lot. A little disappointing, because I’d have loved to see him mess with the orcs a little. Well, next week it will be him and the goblin lord, so we have that to look forward to.

yagatekimi12-1Yagate Kimi ni Naru 12 inches toward the season’s conclusion, but I’m not sure they have the time to do it properly. We watch the kids continue to rehearse, and see Touko lose it a little when her character announces that she will be the character her lover remembers, and not the others. I might be reading too much into it, but I wonder if that’s partially a reaction to the fact that Sayaka is playing her lover … Probably not, but there’s some friction between Sayaka and Yuu over who gets to hang out with Touko when she’s had her life shaken up a little. Well, if Yuu is jealous it’s surely dispelled when she invites Touko to her room and they get snuggly. Nothing further on the romance front, however.

yagatekimi12-2And why should there be? Far more important than the snuggles is Touko’s admission that she hates herself, and that’s partly why she doesn’t want Yuu to fall in love with her. “I wouldn’t want to belong to a club that would have me has a member,” and all that. Yuu’s delayed reaction is not really romantic, not in the snuggles sense. It’s realization what has to be done, and her determination to do it–to help Touko–change the play’s ending so that Touko’s character doesn’t choose a past personality based on other people, but to live on as the person she is now. Excellent thought, but boy is it going to be a pain in the ass for everyone involved! The boys won’t like learning new lines. Sayaka is going to be seriously pissed. And goodness knows how Touko is going to take it. A lot to manage, and I believe there’s only one episode to go.

I don’t remember who they are.

There are upsides and downsides to To aru Majutsu no Index having such a rich backlog of story and characters. On on hand, it means you can bring in old characters, both good and evil, and have them fight on either side, depending on their alliances or backstory now. So we get a few surprising characters this week, to add to Oriana from last week. On the other hand, I don’t always remember these characters and either look them up or say “screw it” and let it ride. I chose the latter with Sherry and her Golem Ellis. Not to mention that the organizations and churches and whatnot is downright confusing even when you do the research. So we got Carissa’s knights battling witches, Golem Ellis battling knights, and nuns running from knights. Meanwhile, the more important characters are busy running around or away from others. The most interesting being Villian’s flight to Folkeston, I think, which is interrupted by that blond guy, who’s ready to execute her, when another surprise character shows up.

I remember him all right.

Okay, William Orwell is a jerk, but in this story arc he’s dedicated to protecting Villian (her personal feelings about abandonment aside), so he’s our jerk. You’d think it’d be one sided but the blond guy somehow has archangel power thanks to, er, “the Church of the Cross Rules” (which allowed him to defeat Kaori earlier) So that fight is probably going to last to the finish. Meanwhile, let’s see, the queen and the third princess are stranded in the country but the queen finds a horse. And Touma and one of the evil sorcerer girls escape from a train but are plunging toward certain death, though it’s done for a laugh, and we’re talking about Touma after all. Oh, and Index seems to be a Carissa’s hostage. Did I forget anything? What a mess, and great fun all around.

4 thoughts on “Slime 12-13, Yagate and IndexIII 12

    1. Yeah, and the girls are still in the opening stages of their relationship. I was thinking about the current situation, the play, and Touko’s frame of mind, not to mention the possessive Sayaka. A lot of stuff to unpack there. I wonder if there will be a season two …

      1. Hmm, interesting? Will they catch up in the final episode? Well, I figure the manga is probably already off on a new story arc. But it sounds like the anime, if it gets a second season, will have to wait for the manga.

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