Catching with with Slime and IndexIII

slime14-1Now that the new shows have been taken care of, it’s time to return to the follow-ons. First it’s Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken, which left us at a big confrontation between the Orc Lord and Rimuru. First, though, the show has to deal with Gelmud, who pops up and starts cursing everybody for letting him down and throws out some magic which Rimuru easily repulses, and then Geld, the orc lord, eats him. So much for that. Then we get the battle, which takes a bit longer than usual because Geld has devoured so many abilities, but Rimuru finally just eats him. After that it’s a chance to forgive Geld, who, it turns out, was simply trying to care for his fellow orcs who are starving to death and got conned by Gelmud. Also, some stuff about devouring sins, which seems to mean guilt and forgiveness, but it’s all just post battle slow breathing time to finish up the arc. Alas, Rimuru never did get the name of the guy causing all this madness, but we’re only halfway through the series.

slime15-1Episode 15 feels like a new season, with its new OP and ED, and I suppose it is. But all this time I kept wondering when Rimuru was going to get out of that village and face the true bad guys. He may not have to. His little village, now with goblins, wolves, an army of reformed and transformed orcs, and various others who have wandered in, have made it expand and become an actual country, thanks to the dwarf king Gazel Dwargo popping in to see what this slime business is all about. Gazel is shown to be a possible advisory, but after tilting swords with Rimuru and recognizing his old master Kaijin, he’s fine with making a peace treaty with a place that hadn’t considered itself a nation up to now. But call it the Jura Tempest Foundation, with the capital city of Rimuru, to Rimuru’s embarrassment. It’s getting to the point that his nation might just come up to that evil castle where Clayman is scheming.

But not quite yet. Plenty of time in the episode.

I dreaded returning to Toaru Majutsu no Index III after three weeks, because I had forgotten who was who and who was on whose side, but then again when I watch this show I can never figure that out anyway, not 100%, so I might as well dive in. Episode 14 is almost entirely a standoff between second princess Carissa, with that magic sword, first versus a witch bombardment, and then Kaede, Touma, and Index, oh, and the third princess(?), and it’s still all a standoff with Carissa laughing evilly a lot. But then word gets out what Carissa’s strategy is, which, I think, to destroy everything and to stick herself in some mysterious tomb somewhere, so she has some warships bombard Buckingham Palace with cruise missiles. This gets Knight Leader and Acqua involved, but it’s still a standoff until …

indexiii14-2Yep, the queen shows up with a magic British flag which she uses to call the ordinary citizenry to revolution. On one hand, I loved this. One of the main themes of Index and its offshoots is that individuals wielding power for their own ends is misguided. It’s having friends and allies, not to mention common people, that wins out at the end. … Alas, when the normal people arrive they just stand there, though Touma has a great line about how there are so many heroes here now that the main characters sort of just blend in. Instead, it takes a combination, especially Acqua and Touma, to finally deliver the classic Touma punch-in-the-face. The individual is defeated. The team wins. Too bad the next story arc starts right away, with Index malfunctioning, Fiamma popping in, and Touma declaring he will go to Russia to punch HIM in the face. Well, no rest for the heroic. But next week it looks like we’ll get more Accelerator…

Yep, it’s one of THOSE Index episodes.

After trashing another European town the show returns to Academy City in episode 15. We see the aftermath of various members of those anagram groups like ITEM, SCHOOL, and GROUP. Xochitl and Takitsubo are doing fine, and it’s calm enough that the show can mix some fanservice into the proceedings, except GROUP and Accelerator have to take out a new terrorist organization named Spark Signal, and then everyone is after the fleeing remnants, maybe because they want information about still another group, DRAGON. Accelerator is suspicious, as is Kinuhata, who was recruited for a new group of former members of other groups but walked out, possibly to give Hanazura some fanservice. Frankly, I don’t know what’s going on. However, there is a new murderous famale around, with the splendid name of “Stephanie Georgeouspalace.” and at least her motives are easy to understand: she wants to kill damn near everybody. Anyway, everyone’s rushing over to where the remaining Spark Signal folks are, and goodness knows what’s going to happen. As usual for this show, I have little idea who’s on whose side anymore …

2 thoughts on “Catching with with Slime and IndexIII

  1. ” I had forgotten who was who and who was on whose side, but then again when I watch this show I can never figure that out anyway, not 100%, so I might as well dive in.”

    You’re not alone in that… There seems to be a LOT of individuals and groups in Academy City who have, let’s just say – ever fluid loyalties. The only stability on the Index side seems to be Touma, and that is to Index herself. (Otherwise, he pretty much goes wherever Tsumikado leads/misdirects him.)

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