Fall 2019 4

A seedy hallway to begin Kabukichou Sherlock

Kabukichou Sherlock brings us a guy named Watson looking for a club where detectives hang out. After watching a song and dance by a cross-dresser who doesn’t shave, he meets a few while they’re getting briefed on another Jack the Ripper case. Since Watson has a case of his own he wants Sherlock to take, he winds up bugging Sherlock while the latter figures out the truth about the latest murder, and presents it, rakugo-style. The killer is apprehended, and other stuff happens.

Not much of a plot synopsis, but most of the episode involves Watson reacting to all the weird people, and watching Sherlock’s brilliant deductions, often at the expense of someone else, like that hostess club lady. These deductions, by the way, are the only things this Sherlock has with Doyle’s. Otherwise he’s kind of seedy, rude, and, well, he performs bad rakugo. But he’s confident, and while eccentric he gets the job done. The other detectives have their own quirks as well, and I’ve already mentioned that in Kabukichou everyone is weird–too weird; the show tries too hard to be edgy. I guess the main story will either be finding Jack, or working on the case Watson has, whatever it is. This episode was so full of oddball sequences that they don’t even get to it.

Hikari’s new school.

This is going to be a short post. Turns out there’s only one other show on my list: Rifle is Beautiful. In it, first-year ditz Hikari had worked hard to get into this school because it has a (beam) rifle club, but (stop me if you’ve heard this before) the club was shut down, though they’ll reopen it if Hikari can recruit three more members. This she manages to do, and the episode is only ten minutes in. We got the sensible friend Izumi, the tsundere Erika, and the quiet, silent Yukio, and the rest of the episode is spent explaining the sport and cute girl-bonding, a lot of the latter.

Not a lot of shooting though …

I am tired of the “not enough members” plot so I was relieved that they dispatched it so quickly. Apart from that I’m a little worried. Yeah, it’s all very cute, but the pacing is off. Extra seconds here and there where nothing happens, and I wondered if I had missed a joke. In fact, several gags fell flat because they were delivered so slowly, and at times I didn’t get the jokes at all. If you want to watch because of the beam rifles, while they do spend time explaining the sport, they don’t spend a lot of time shooting. It was more of a CGDCT show with chats over picnics or snacks, with no rifles in sight. I suppose since the girls are ambitious about shooting we’ll get more rifle action later, but just be warned that this is indeed a cute girls show as much as a sport show, maybe more so.

And that’s it for this season. As for my personal situation, the shit that was going to hit the fan last spring (nothing bad, just a job transfer) is hitting in the next two weeks, and I won’t have time to watch anything, let alone write about it, so I’m probably going to go back into hiding for a while. Someone asked me if I was going to cover Chihayafuru 3, and I’m not sure yet. I enjoyed the series five years ago, but the longer a series runs, especially when I suspect the main situation, especially the love triangle, isn’t going to change much, the less excited I get about it. Anyway, everybody, enjoy the new season!

3 thoughts on “Fall 2019 4

  1. Sorry your life will be upside down for a while. A life where there’s not enough time for anime seems to me to be not a very good life. 🤔I do enjoy reading your posts, Peter, and I hope you’ll be able to return next season!

    1. Thanks Dark and Shiny! As I wrote, it’s not a bad situation, I’m just moving, and where my apartment will be is still uncertain. So I’ll be moving very soon (stressful) but I don’t know where (doubly stressful). Then I have to get other things settled, like a good local bank, switching over automatic payments … argh, one step at a time. I just wish my Japanese was better …

  2. Late comment, but regarding Chihayafuru, I think it’s been as strong as ever through five episodes. The first one is a bit of a recap, but since then the familiar direction and well-utilized cast of characters have made it a lot of fun to revisit. The love triangle element has been kept to an absolute minimum so far.

    Best wishes for the job transfer and the move!

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