Catching up after a computer crash

Because of a computer crash and rebuild the episodes have piled up, so I’m going to start fresh with the newest episodes I can find. Sorry …

Magia Record 6 introduces Felicia at the start and then she and her friends vanish for a while, leaving me to believe that the witches killed them. But she shows up later, running into Iroha and shaking her down for cash after both have tried a Lucky Owl drink, which makes you very lucky, they say. I’m sure the rest of you were shaking your heads the moment Iroha took a sip and waited for the bad stuff to happen, but that’s been put off until next episode. In the meantime we learn that Felicia is brave but reckless about her and her teammates lives–having your parents killed by a witch will do that to you. Also, at the end, minions of someone called Magius try to strike a deal with her: join them and they’ll kill all the witches. Since Magius is behind the Lucky Owl drink, I believe, I see no reason to trust him, but it brings up an interesting dilemma. Do you join one evil to fight another one? Oh, and guess who’s back!

Eating, as usual.

All she’s done so far is introduce herself to Yachiyo and overhear a conversation, meaning she might save the day later on.

This hand-touching thing has some significance but I don’t know what it is.

Episode 7 … I’m beginning to lose track of the story. This time Felicia follows the monotone girls until she meets two friendlier ones who continue to extol the virtues of Lucky Owl Water and the glories of the Magius, of which there are apparently three, in their desire to destroy all witches. Fortunately for Felicia, who is guileless and not very bright, Kyoko shows up and plays the cheerful cynic. But I think even Felicia would have been suspicious when they discover the Magius has captured a bunch of witches and is using them as soldiers. The other girls show up and we have another bewildering but amazing to look at battle, which includes a lot of witch-smashing and Iroha’s doppelganger showing up again, though it appears to be on Iroha’s side. Afterwards, to further confuse things, the missing Mifuyu shows up for real, but she’s working for Magius. Perhaps the weirdest thing is at the end Iroha moves into Yachiyo’s boarding house as if this was just another CGDCT series. Well, maybe it is. I notice that this is episode 7 and no one has died yet.

Now to catch up with Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei Shite Mita, where after the magnificent date last time we meet Ikeda, the Senpai, who strangely is all for this love experiment stuff, and points out that everyone in the lab should participate in the experiments. Alas, the only new combo we see is Kosuke and Yukimura doing the wall-slam, and it’s cut short because Ibarada can’t stop laughing. More interesting is a side experiment, a bet, actually, between Kosuke and Ibarada where the goal is to NOT display an increased heart rate. No surprise that Ibarada wins the bet easily. She’s several steps beyond everyone else in the lab after all. The “experiment” also brings up the similarity between Ibarada and Kosuke’s fictional girlfriend, and makes me wonder what is going on in that girl’s head. Is she actually after anyone in the lab. Hopefully not Kosuke. She can do better. As for me, I was hoping for a Ibarada/Kanade experiment, but looks like that won’t happen.

Episode 6–by now we’re established a pattern. Someone comes up with a new way to test the degree of love. We get countless mathematical concepts to get to the actual experiment. The other characters at this point often join in on the experiment to provide control data, screw it up, and provide amusing comments about themselves, each other, and our so-called “lovebirds.” The final data points to a different conclusion than Himura and Yukimura expect and want, causing consternation among them, weird looks from Kanade and Kosuke about how stupid this all is, and snarky giggles from Ibarada. Not every episode follows this pattern, or even most of them, but often they do. This one does. My only real complaint about the episode was the overuse of graphs to illustrate points of mood, and I didn’t understand the graphs to boot.

Toaru Kagaku no no Railgun T 6 has the defeat of Baba, the smirking tubby jerk with the bad haircut, whom we were programmed to hate. This much is satisfactory, and I was happy to see Awatsuki and Wannai get through the battle without harm as well. However, it did mean we were subjected with a series of smug speeches about how superior he is to pad the episode. Well, it means humiliating him makes it more satisfying, I suppose. What is even more satisfying was Misaka going into calm-rage mode when she sees what happened to Kongou. There were two episodes where she was being watched by Shokuho’s innocent minions and could do little except pick up clues, and it was dragging things down. When she said “Out of my way,” I knew the series was going to be fun again, though I had hoped for a little more injury and humiliation from Baba,

One thought on “Catching up after a computer crash

  1. “What is even more satisfying was Misaka going into calm-rage mode when she sees what happened to Kongou.”

    Avoiding Railgun’s wrath is trivially easy – never, ever, ever, muck with her friends.

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