Eizouken 6-7, Oshibudo 5-6, Magia Record 8 (still behind)

Directing is hard.

Having trouble figuring out what exactly Eizouken ni wa Te wo Dasu na! 6 is about. Well, there’s continued work on the robot anime and that process branches off in different directions. We got a scene with the sound club and its lone member, Doumeki, who is essentially blackmailed into letting the film club use it’s huge audio selection. Maybe “blackmailed” is the wrong word, as Doumeki is offered a deal, and is treated to a demo of the film club’s limited tapes that fills him or her with disgust. Then it’s off to talk to the art club about backgrounds, which exhausts Asakusa’s mind as the art club members Nakamura and Kubo force her to confront things she hadn’t thought about. This all puts Asakusa in a funk where she wants to chuck the whole thing and start fresh–good thing Kanamori’s around. In the end she gets her motivation back … so maybe the episode was about a director’s frustration with the idea she’s forced with and having to regroup …

Mizusaki gives great rants, but because she’s so cool and fashionable, they’re speeches.

Episode 7 also jumps around, but since I’m used to it now it bothers me less. Or maybe it’s because this is a sort-of Mizusaki episode. We start with flashbacks to her days in movement class, where she’s more interested in drawing the movement rather than do it. Then some charming scenes of her and her nice grandma. Only after that do we get back to the anime production, with numerous sound issues (though Doumeki’s doing the best she can to help), and we revisit Asakusa’s struggles as a director, i.e, telling people what to do. I feel sorry for Nakamura though. You put a lot of work into making something and then your collaborators rip it to shreds. But there’s still time for a bathhouse scene and some more silly bonding. Finally, back to Mizusaki and her impassioned speech about the joy of movement, punctuated with more of the series’ flights of fancy. Not much happens plotwise, but like the other episodes I smiled throughout.

No, Maina, it’s not what you think!

I’m still behind with Oshi ga Budoukan Itte Kuretara Shinu, a show I don’t smile throughout, but guffaw occasionally. Now, poor Eripiyo can’t earn money because she’s in a cast, can’t buy the same number of CDs for Maina (who drops in the poll again) and only has time for one handshake ticket, all of which leads to Maina believing she’s losing Eripiyo as a fan, and whatever else. It doesn’t help that, as a break, Kumasa takes Eripiyo to a maid cafe, where it turns out Aya works. So now Maina thinks she’s losing Eripiyo to Maina. The cafe scene was the funniest in the episode with Aya scolding Eripiyo and Kumasa for looking at other types of unobtainable female icons, and the fallout is continuing. It’s sort of sad to see Eripiyo and Maina try to connect, but misunderstand each other, in the brief time they have. It’d be even better if the series wasn’t also pushing out the Maki-Yume romance, which is cute but dull, with no gags at all, no one talking about selling organs.

Reo, the heart and soul of ChamJam.

Episode 6 looks to be a Sorane episode, nothing wrong with that, but it quickly turns into a Reo episode, nothing wrong with that either, but after that it turns into kind of a mess where the idols worry around rumors and keep thinking that Eripiyo is changing her favorite, the usual stuff. But at least at the end we got Eripiyo speed-shouting her love in a five-second handshake event, reassuring Maina that she’s the only one for her. It was silly, as only Eripiyo could make it, but also sweet and reassuring. We also learn that Reo loves and supports all of her teammates, possibly, as Eripiyo points out, out of fear that ChamJam might break up the same way her old group did. The fear-motif continues as Motoi declares that he’s losing Sorane, and she is all he has, while Sorane says that ChamJam is all she has. Everyone’s wants and needs seem to be so fragile. On the more comic side, Sorane’s rankings are dragged down because of rumors that she was seen with a guy, but it was most likely Motoi and her sister that they saw. So Motoi is relieved but the whole thing is still kind of creepy.

You can’t tell by this screenshot, but the statues are creeping in on Iroha.

Magia Record 8 spends most of it’s time slowly wandering around, well, Iroha is. She transfers to a new school and meets various friends, while, ironically, the show suggests she actually doesn’t have any. She and Rena are outsiders at the school, and Felicia is worse (Iroha has to bail her out after a fight). That one of the rumors has to do with a girl so unnoticeable at school that she turned invisible is surely no coincidence, though surprisingly the show doesn’t follow that lead, but instead chooses another, about a mysterious crying girl voice, though actually she’s laughing, that you hear on your phone under a radio tower, and that’s where the action belatedly starts. There’s also bizarre Christian imagery going on, a “Holy Radio” show that plays while the girls sleep, and the morbid crosses and statues of saints around the radio tower. How that connects to the Electric Wave Girl and “Endless Solitude,” where someone is being kept, is not and perhaps never will be explained.

One thought on “Eizouken 6-7, Oshibudo 5-6, Magia Record 8 (still behind)

  1. The payoff for Eizouken’s episode 7 comes in the next ep… Not saying it was bad or anything, the eps story stands on it’s own, but that they’re bookends. Can’t say much more w/o getting into spoiler territory.

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