Oshibuda 10-11, Rikekoi finale, Magia Record 12

budoukan10-1Oshi ga Budoukan Itte Kuretara Shinu 10 is the usual mix of idol-worship and hard luck. ChamJam announces a surprise live show in January, but this time Eripiyo has a bad cold and can’t go. A shame because a couple of the idols are sick, too, so Maina gets some time in the front row, thus starting a running gag with Kumasa desperately trying keep the news from Eripiyo. Then, shouting as usual, Eripiyo tears up her throat and can’t say anything to Maina during the valentine’s day event, having mislaid her whiteboard. The show pokes a little unfair fun at her by showing Kumasa and Motoi both speaking eloquently to their faves, two perfect idol-fan interactions–I didn’t know Motoi had it in him. At least Eripiyo got some sincere thanks from Maina before tearing out her throat again. The saddest part of all was early on when Eripiyo runs into Maina at the maid cafe, a perfect opportunity to speak without the monitor, and Eripiyo is too freaked out to start. I’m about to throw up my hands at the romance angles in this show, the only ones progressing are Maki and Yume, and they’re both dull. Actually, so is Maina, but Eripiyo is funny so it balances out. Come on, show, there aren’t many episodes left!

I have no idea what these two are up to.

Episode 11 has no hard luck, for once, but everyone’s worried. ChamJam is going to appear at a big idol festival, sending our three otaku heroes in both joy and worry. Will ChamJam get overwhelmed by the other groups and lose their supporters? Meanwhile the group is wondering the same thing; Aya of all people is the one to spur them into hard practice to improve their dancing, and they do get better. Meanwhile Reo is going to re-meet with her old friend, who is now in a much more popular group. And Maina also has a crisis of self-confidence. The venue is so big! So basically the episode’s main point is made in the first minute and everything else was everyone worrying in different ways. I’m a little shocked that Eripiyo has never tweeted before–it would have been a great way to communicate to Maina. Finally, in the penultimate episode, she figures it out … Well, at least Maina is happy about it.

rikekoi11-1Rikei ga Koi ni Ochita no de Shoumei Shite Mita 11 brings us the fight and the inevitable analysis after. I’ve seen enough of these scenes that when Yukimura, who has up to now been more or less on the right (assuming he had alternate ways to settle down Kanade), says “It’s not as though we’re dating, is it?” I, Kanade, and Kosuke all gaped at the same time. I threw in a “Shit, Yukimura, now you’ve done it!” There comes the inevitable slap, and lots of scenes where the lovebirds pointedly ignore each other while the others keep gaping, and a brief explanation of “relative error” by the Science Bear. Kosuke and Yukimura talk it over, as do Kanade and Himura, the latter two having the most sensible discussion, probably because Kanade is the only level-headed character in the show. It gets confusing after that. I fully understand Himura treating the reconciliation as an academic project, in fact I expected it, but the deal with the broken glasses case–was that the fall down the stairs or Yamamoto’s doing? I guess we’ll find out next episode, since it’s the last.

rikekoi12-1… and so it was. It closed with a traditional romantic make-up scene with the usual scientific bickering tossed in. It also made me wonder why the hell Yamamoto was brought in in the first place. That business with the eyeglass case did nothing to change the story, “Romeo and Juliet effect” aside. In fact the R&J thing seemed to be tossed in not for the benefit of the characters but for us the viewers, to strand poor Himuro on that bridge so that Yukimura could discover her. Nice and romantic, I’m sure, but the show could have caused Himuro to break that case during that fall on the staircase and we’d have the same situation, with no annoying manga-ka to put up with. Well, at least they’re sort of a couple now.

Whatever you say, Yukimura.

Not the greatest show in the world, but almost always a pleasant one to watch. The “science-types” angle could have grown stale by episode 3 or 4, but they managed to keep it fresh by making it an affectionate quirk for both Yukimura and Himuro. In the romantic scene on the bridge, it wouldn’t have felt right if Yukimura hadn’t complained about Himuro’s thesis, or analyzed each other’s kissing technique at the end. As a counter we had Kanade’s yeoman work as straight man. Kosuke and Irabada weren’t used to their full potential I felt, perhaps if the manga is ongoing they might get more chances to show off. I have one final complaint, though. Early on, the cool and collected Himura would give away her feelings by having her ponytail wag back and forth like a dog’s tail. It was adorable, so why did they suddenly stop doing it. Oh, well.

One more of Kanade, with a typical reaction to Yukimura and Kimura.

magiarecord12-1There are so many magical girls running around in Magia Record that now I’m having trouble remembering who’s who and what their relationships are. It doesn’t help that episode 12 has a lot of flashbacks, and a lot of girls observing other girls in the flashbacks to the point where I’m not sure who’s there and who’s just observing. Well, basically this is an infodump episode where we see the facts presented as they change and mostly ruin the girls’ lives. Yep, Touka presents a “lecture” about magical girls where our present-day girls learn the grim truths that we learned through twelve episodes in the first series. Their souls are in their gems, the girls will become witches, etc. The girls in the flashback take it as well as you would expect. But there’s an interesting new fact. Touka says the Magius organization has developed a way to pull a girl out of witchiness. Mifuyu is living proof. I’m all for it, but since Yachiyo is suspicious I’m sure there’s a catch. Besides, why doesn’t she remember who Iroha is? Things continue to be fishy in Kamihama.

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