Catching up with Railgun T

Misaka’s cunning disguise.

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T, after my long dive into the spring series, picks up right where it left off with Misaka and Shokuho infiltrating the building where Kihara Gensei is supposed to be. They make good progress, so they’re obviously being set up. Sadly we leave that for a while to watch the rest of the girls speculate about this and that, Touma borrowing a good-luck charm from Saten, who then naturally blunders into a suspicious deserted building and causes trouble for Kozaku and Xochitl (hello!) for different reasons. While that part is okay, I really wanted to see the result of the Misaka/Shoku hunt. When we finally do, sadly, the obvious happened and now the abducted Sister is in trouble. For a show with so many eccentric characters and convoluted plots, this show can be terribly predictable at times.

railgunt10-1Episode 10 is more entertaining. Finally, the trap has been sprung. In spite of my talk about the show being predictable, I did not think that Misaka was the primary target of all this. I don’t know why Gensei took such a roundabout way about this, but again, meandering plots are the norm for this franchise. We also get a Shokuho flashback about why she’s involved. Apparently there was a early attempt at a Sister that she befriended at the institute, who died, which inspired her poking around. Anyway, it looks like Misaka’s in real trouble, though I wonder, if she does hit Level 6, won’t she be too powerful for Gensei to control? Whatever the situation, it’s nice to see that Touma is about to get involved. Plus, Shokuho’s now on her side, and Accelerator is now SERIOUSLY pissed off. We have seen the good guys wake up.

railgunt11-1Episode 11 is inspired, just what a great RailDex episode is capable of: confrontations, exciting rescues, wild action, big explosions and lightshows, and great music. It was as if they had saved up for this. The irony is that the main character, Misaka, is still being manipulated and is kind of working for the other side.

railgunt11-2We also meet Gunha, the guy we learned about early on but not seen since. He gets into the action just as Touma, who had conveniently shown up just as Xochitl and Saten were talking things over (Touma might not have any luck but he sure has a knack for showing up at the right place) was trying to get close to the befuddled and ultra-powerful Misaka to cancel her crazy new abilities. Gunha is a bit of a blowhard but his powers are legitimate and his heart is in the right place. He manages to get Touma close enough to touch Misaka–by throwing him. Oddly, it doesn’t work, the imagine-breaker, I mean, not the throw. Very interesting, but it does mean the wild electricity and destruction, fun as hell to watch, will continue a while longer.

railgunt11-3The other sides of the story, specifically Kuroho’s tracking down of Kozaku, isn’t as spectacular, in fact, it’s a little ridiculous, not that the Touma/Gunha scene with Misaka isn’t. Kozaku could be anywhere, so she has Saten and Uiharu use street cameras to do this and that, which will take forever, then teleports into one building and immediately finds the metal puppet. It’s as if the episode had taken stimulants and wants to rush forward, not that I mind. The best moments of the episode had adrenaline all through it, down to quick cuts of Kuroho’s legs (one bandaged so we know who it was) so we knew she was going to rescue Shokuho, and two bolts of lightning that we know were aimed at Touma and Gunha. No further explanation needed.


In the end, we have no idea what will happen next, apart from knowing that Shokuho’s upcoming confrontation with Gensei will not end well, but it doesn’t matter. Episodes like this remind me why I fell in love with this silly, grand franchise in the first place. I only wish there were more of them.

2 thoughts on “Catching up with Railgun T

  1. Imagine Breaker not working… I mean, I didn’t expect ’em to make it easy – a Raildex fight at that level never fills less than two episodes… But Imagine Breaker not working kinda upends everything we thought we knew about their universe.

    1. Yeah, well, it KINDA worked. The glowy stuff cleared off of Misaka’s shoulder for a moment, so maybe her supercharged abilities can push Touma’s effect away. Still, it’s disconcerting that imagine breaker can be overcome at all …

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