Sevens: Tower of God, RailgunT, kiitekure, Kakushigoto, Hamefura

Tower of God 7 takes care of the important backstory stuff first. Anaak and Endorsi continue their fight with flashbacks and infodumps to explain why they are at odds. It seems Princesses are forbidden to have a child or even sex, but Anaak is a child of a princess, so now we know why her mom died. So right there we know where the “shouldn’t be born” line comes from, and why Anaak is, in some fashion, Endorsi’s niece. What surprises and makes me happy though is after the fight the two talk a little. Nothing is patched up, but maybe a little understanding comes across. Endorsi seems to be curious about having a forbidden relationship, or to us, a normal one. After that there is some nonsense about making friends for Shibisu and Hatz, using Khun-like schemes. And there’s trouble brewing on Lauroe’s team, about Lauroe not helping Hoh enough. That will no doubt resurface in an episode or two. Finally a game of team tag, with Bam and Khun on opposite sides, though that’s not a big issue. A bigger one might be Bam and Rachel as teammates, but the strategies are keeping them apart, I suppose. Right now it’s a test administrator Quant being on one side that’s the issue. Since I couldn’t care less about the administrators and their squabbling I don’t care much apart from the strategy Khun comes up with …

The thrilling first half …

After another delay we finally get the thrilling conclusion of the first Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T story arc, meaning, as usual, that there’s a slam-bang first half and a silly second half. But I think I just defined the entire franchise. The slam-bang part looked great and we get another example of what happens to Touma when he loses that arm, except this there there were eight dragons, not just one. The weird thing is that when it’s done his arm is somehow reattached and working properly. Way back in the first series Dr. Frog had to reattach it, unless he didn’t. I don’t remember him saying anything about it–all I remember is his line about nurse fetishes and Touma’s “Oi!” after. Also of interest is Gunha’s post-battle comment about some metal all over the place. Is this liquid metal, or maybe the shadow metal Saten was on about early on?

… and the silly second half.

After all that it’s time for meetings and reconciliations. Misaka is desolate that Kongou got drawn into the action and injured, but Kongou herself is abashed when she learns her two friends rescued her at some risk, but, as she says, it kind of makes her happy too. Maybe Misaka should feel the same way. A less friendly meeting was between Shokuho and Kozaku, but we don’t see what happens, not pretty, probably. Than it’s true silliness time as Saten dupes Misaka into doing the folk dance with Touma, to Kuroko’s great consternation. You know, the little things between friends that Railgun always does well. And lots of talk about people having their friends’ backs. The arc hit its stride about episode 11 and became the great series I had been waiting for. Now they have to set up a new one. I don’t know if it can top what we just saw.

I did not expect this at all.

In Nami yo Kiitekure 7, Minare says something like “reality is more bizarre than imagination,” which is more and more what this show seems to be about. We start with the horrific dripping goo in Oki’s apartment, and his description of a romance about to be consummated when volcanic fumes rendered the guy unconscious and the girl missing. Plus, there are bags of rotting meat in the crawl space above his apartment. There is some odd stuff about the girl being a spy (why she would latch onto Oki is a mystery), police show up, and then, well, not to go into details, but it turns out it’s all Minare’s fault. I should have thought of that. She used to live in the apartment right above Oki’s. So yes, reality is more bizarre. What I don’t get is why Minare should get in trouble over this. The whole thing looked suspicious and the police did find probable cause to arrest Oki. So why are there now charges against her (later dropped). Mizuho has a good line too, that Minare is being slowly strangled by a silk thread, and she herself is doing the strangling, which is a fair thing to say about Minare, but I’m not sure her actions here confirm the line. Still, another good episode.

You see, Hime wanted to spend the night with both her dad and the new dog …

Kakushigoto 7 carries along the initial idea and countless riffs on it in different scenes. Hime wants a dog, and has memorized the “ten commandments for dog owners,” and later that’s transformed into ten commandments for fathers, and ten commandments for manga readers. There’s also a bit where a new artist has debuted, and his style looks exactly like Kakushi’s, which is either flattering or isn’t (it isn’t), and how dogs look like their owners, or owners look like their dogs, or that we begin to resemble the things we love, so Hime going “Wan wan!” to their new dog (now we know who the dog is in the ED, btw) doesn’t make Kakushi happy. Also, the dog is a fourth generation dog in Kakushi’s family, and so we get the idea of lineage mixed in, and since Hime is learning to cook and play the piano, like her mother, she’s falling right into line. Another episode where everything that happens seems to be related to each other.

Catarina and Sophia, held up together by a mysterious whirlwind.

Hamefura 7 isn’t much for the story arc. The kids have to do a practicum, go into deserted ruins and find a magic stone without getting killed, typical high school stuff in magical lands. It’s ironic that though Catarina is strong and fearless, her magic isn’t much, so she spends much of her time relying on Geordo and Keith, with Sophia. Naturally she gets separated from the rest and stumbles onto the magic stone without even trying. What’s more interesting is that it’s clear now that Sophia is also from our world, best friends with whoever Catarina was at the time. The latter was killed in a traffic accident and Sophia (Atsuko at that time) promises to reunite with her in the afterlife. Now Sophia has strange dreams. It makes me wonder if the other kids also had such experiences, and if not, what does it mean for Sophia and Catarina? So a little backstory, but the main story doesn’t progress at all, well, apart from the shadowy figure, who I’m guessing is Sirius, and Alan saves Mary, so that might count for something.

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