Tens: Kakushigoto, Tower, Nami, Hamefura

They want the truth.

Kakushigoto 10 doesn’t have much theme-play this week. The closes thing we get is Hime being a bad girl for eating the cookies and her dad being a bad man for being unmotivated at work … until Hime wins a three-day holiday at an onsen (bring the dog!) and he now has a clear up his schedule. After that it’s straightforward story. Kakushi gets sick, gets better, and at the onsen there’s a haunted room, not so haunted really, and a good scene where everyone in the dining hall decides to reveal their secrets. What’s yours Kakushi? But that’s about it, and we get more story about the future, why Kakushi stopped drawing, more hints about his lost wife, and Hime has found her dad’s dirty manga, not that it matters then. But the big question–what happened to him, is still a mystery and probably will be until the final episode.

Tower of God 10, to my surprise, seems to be heading toward a final story arc. There are no convoluted tests this time, only sneaky intrigue around the tests and the administrators … and Khun of course. Basically, most of the characters who we’ve met passed. Serena quits before the announcement. Rachel would have passed but she’s confined, probably permanently, to a wheelchair now. Khun says he’ll take the administrator test to change the rules on Bam’s behalf, but Bam volunteers to take it himself, once he learns all this. Also, in another token of friendship, Bam is outed as an irregular, and anyone who aids him will lose status, but everyone decides to help him anyway. This was the best scene in the episode, apart from Rak getting shrunk. Khun comes up with a scheme where he announces he won’t help Bam, in order to con the others into arguing back, but instead they laugh at his bad acting and say they’ll help him anyway. I liked it because not only does it show how everyone has rallied to Bam’s side because of his decency, but because Khun is knocked down a peg or two. I like his cunning in battle but I get a little tired of his smirking around them, even if he’s actually become Khun’s loyal friend. There are some double-dealings with that note slipped to the deceased Hoh, which I don’t really care about. Also that new character, a sheep costume with a person inside, or something like that, who wants the two swords back and will kill Anaak to get them, which the administrator approves of. That will be fun later on if the show ever gets around to it. There are only three episodes to go and the manga is ongoing.

Nami yo Kiitekure 10 toys with the idea that Minare, and others, are attracted to people who seemingly can’t take care of themselves, like Mitsuo. So Minare is put off by Nakahara’s apparent competence in all sorts of things, cooking, sewing, etc. Yet apparently Nakahara needs Minare, or at least has a crush on her, and Ritsuko even has to tell her to stop tormenting him by talking about her date with Mitsuo around him. But the bigger theme is transformation, or burying the past and the mistakes one has made. Kureko leaving the job, is surprised that he is taking a step forward in any way at his age. Minare’s show that week is a radio drama about burying Mitsuo, and possibly herself (the radio drama doesn’t finish this week). Mato brings in two old sound engineers who haven’t gotten much work since things went digital–two people who have found themselves unable to renew themselves. In fact the episode devotes rather too much time to them, and demonstrating their talents gave us a “this is how it works” feel that you’d expect from Shirobako or Eizouken that doesn’t really fit into this kind of show. Meanwhile, we get more of the subliminal seduction going on between Mato and Minare, with them “kissing” in the radio drama. I like their relationship a lot. There’s an attraction there, for whatever reason, that they either don’t recognize or is pushed down because they’re both adults who work together, and idiosyncrasies aside, aren’t stupid.

Why is Sirius so pissed off?

Finally we get a twist in Hamefura. Things were getting TOO happy up to now, so it was a good idea to bring the jealous girls in. What I didn’t expect was that they were being controlled by Dark Magic. It makes sense–nothing Catarina has done up to now would make them gang up like that. So after an amusing scene where Geordo, et. al announce that Cat is innocent of these accusations because she just isn’t bright enough to come up with such schemes, the dark magic business comes up and the new conquerable character. A shame; I liked the idea that Cat had probably screwed up the game engine enough that it was giving off random bugs leading to new doom flags, and it’s ridiculous that Cat, considering what pains she has taken to survive, would have forgotten about the hidden NPC and that story route, but that’s the way the show is going now. And what is Sirius’s desire? He hates Cat, why? Because she’s changed the game? Is he some sort of game integrity guardian? I like that idea too, but it’s probably something more mundane and predictable. Either way, Cat is taken prisoner, hopefully to meet Maria, and their combo of light power and sheer determination might make for a good escape scene or two.

2 thoughts on “Tens: Kakushigoto, Tower, Nami, Hamefura

  1. I think it’s possible that Sirius is gay. He angrily remarked about her saving those lonely guys and said that it irritates him to no end. Maybe Sophia in her past life indicated that this hidden route with Sirius was challenging because Sirius is gay, and Catarina has to turn him bi or straight.

    1. Sirius is gay … didn’t think of that. Good thought. For me it would be a shame because I still like the idea that Sirius is a game-engine product who is angry because Catarina broke all the rules. I didn’t really think this would happen, alas.

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