Elevens: Hamefura, Kakushigoto, ToG, Nami

Hamefura 11 spends the first half of the episode or thereabouts in a static mode, with each character (save Maria, who is still captured) talking about the comatose Catarina and what she means to them. It could have been dull sequence, but we know and like the characters well enough at this point to understand their anguish, and I was a little moved by the glimpses of earlier scenes. Geordo, that fiend, even steals a kiss. While it all had an emotional effect, nothing much is getting done about the problem.

Sophia, or Acchan? OR BOTH?!?!

For that the show goes back to Cat’s “real world,” a goofy high school kid with an otaku best friend who is happily muddling along in life, but something is off. Why does she keep having moments where people she sort of remembers somewhere in her mind pop up to confuse her? This was welcome in terms of getting her back to her fantasy world, and I enjoyed looking at the other Cat’s normal family, but we still need something more. It all comes together when Sophia, still in sob mode, hears a voice of her own, Acchan the otaku friend, who knows just enough to get her moving. The rest of the gang get inspired too by a green light that the show will never explain, and they gather at Cat’s bedside again. The classroom scene between Cat and Acchan is probably the best of the episode. Acchan shifts into Sophia and back, and Cat finally comes to her senses. That was impressive enough, but they had a fine emotional punch–Cat and Acchan were never able to say goodbye in real life (a bit that I had failed to reckon with when trying to figure out the story); now they do. You wonder how Acchan got roped into this, maybe less about how she knows Maria is locked in a storehouse (it could have been in the game), but these are not things the show needs to cover now. Acchan and Cat have said goodbye, except it’s not, because of Sophia.

Interesting choice of words.

Now’s there’s just Sirius to take care of. With a flashback to his dying mother saying “Avenge me!” he obviously has his own issues, and I for one would like to see him punished. But this behavior is unacceptable in this show. Catarina won the others over through kindness; she’s going to do it with Sirius. In this show, hate and revenge are no match for empathy. It’s how Catarina avoided her own doom flags. She refused to follow the cruel pattern of the story and now is loved, not hated. As for the final episode, I expect a lot of teary speeches and moments of rage. This episode managed to rise above that, let’s see if the finale will too.

It feels like a finale.

Kakushigoto‘s play of ideas and misunderstandings continues to be somewhat muted this week, as the melancholy part ramps up. After Kakushi, his editor, and the teacher mistake other people’s meetings for their own, we have a sequence where it appears the manga will be canceled, but again, a misunderstanding. Though it was fun to see the assistants’ reactions. But the emotional stuff makes us forget all that. First there are Hime’s birthday parties, one with her friends and one with her dad, stuff that feels like a final episode scene, that slides us perhaps permanently into now, “I thought these moments would last forever, but …” Since episode 12 is the last, I suspect we’ll get all the answers next week, less idea play and more sentimentality, which is just as well. Now the former is no match for the latter.

Tower of God 10 brings us the Administrator Test, which goes to hell for everyone we’ve followed, except for Bam and Rachel, who are blissfully floating down in their bubble to be eaten by dolphins, who are hunted by pigs and worms, who are hunted by the bull, at least I think. Odd that in an episode where Endorsi and Anaak might die and everyone else is watching their plan fall apart, that they seem content. Well, Bam is content. Rachel showed too many troubled faces, and I think she has a surprise in store. By this time I have a hard time really caring, but I do like Endorsi and Anaak and hope they get out of this. Since Hoh’s death you can’t be sure of that. I don’t really worry about the chance the horned sheep asshole is giving Endorsi, to kill the illegitimate princess (Anaak), because the two girls have been through enough together and talked it out enough that there’s a mutual respect underneath all that name calling. The rest I have a hard time following. Khun’s laid out some sort of plan and now thanks to that little blonde kid he has another one, even as plan A falls apart, and we don’t know what it is, and possibly won’t understand it when it happens, well, I for one probably won’t. So I’m waiting for Endorsi’s choice (and perhaps Shibisu’s interference), and whatever Rachel’s thinking to reveal itself. And some fun battling, of course, even if I can’t follow it.

For a while I thought Nami yo Kiitekure was going to end in episode 11. We start with the conclusion of the radio drama, where Minare is dragged by Mitsuo and “Matt” (Mato) to meet some deity or other who tells them to talk about their sins so she can cleanse them. The Mitsuo character does a fine job of talking about the mistakes he’s made and how he doesn’t understand how to stop, rather like the real Mitsuo. As for Minare, she has to ad-lib her part, we so we get her best rant yet. She doesn’t want cleansing, she regrets just about everything seconds after she does them and wants to face the ordeal of helping herself, and she adds an oblique apology to Nakahara and Ritsuko along the way. The way the show summed up at least part of what makes Minare tick, and the post-show meeting where it seems Minare has become an established radio personality, is the reason I thought the show had reached its conclusion. Everything after that felt like denouement, even Mizuho’s sad thoughts about Kureko leaving and Minare’s mulling over where to take the show next, things that they would save for a season two (please). I’m happy to say that there’s one more episode to go, and the preview suggests everyone’s issues will be resolved, which won’t happen because these people are complicated.

2 thoughts on “Elevens: Hamefura, Kakushigoto, ToG, Nami

  1. So that voice in Sirius’s head is not human considering it said it detected a human presence approaching. I previously thought that Sirius was gay in episode 10, but maybe whatever it is in Sirius’s head preys on lonely men to sustain its life force rather than Sirius being gay.

  2. I don’t want to think about what the voice’s desires are. However, in Acchan’s description of this route in the game, ALL of Cat’s friends die. So I don’t think it’s a male-only thing. A shame that Sirius’s desire is to avenge someone. So mundane.

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