Railgun and fishing girls return, and other shows

Well well well look who’s back!

Hi girls! Welcome back! Er, whenever you’re ready…

I figured the next story of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun T would be the two packs of esper girls accidentally meeting at the beach and fighting over that evil girl Shokuho befriended, but instead the creators decided to start a fresh and unrelated arc. Naturally with this franchise they take their time and give us lots of humorous bits to reintroduce the characters. There’s an “Indian Poker” thing where you can dream someone else’s recorded dream, which sounds like a good arc intro, but they trivialize and make a joke out of it, though I think it’s misleading. The cards used for dreaming are too prevalent in the OP. The show switches to a phone app that can actually predict where crimes or accidents are going to occur. Kuroko and Uihara try it out, leading to the only action in the episode, and the introduction of a boy who’s partly behind the app. He doesn’t SEEM malevolent … Soon the story goes down the rabbit hole of technobabble over how it works and the boy’s abilities. Silly high school antics, some action, some technobabble, it’s a typical RailDex story arc taking its first steps. Given what else is playing right now, I’m delighted.

That’s not supposed to happen.

Turns out the story of the boy Miyama was a two-parter with just a small thread to what does appear to be the main story, Indian Poker. It’s speculated that Miyama’s predictions (which are killing him) can’t be altered much at least in the 3D world, but Kuroko’s teleportation takes eleven dimensions so she’s able to mess with it. We get an amusing sequence of Kuroko busting up fate by rescuing people from absurd accidents, like jealous girlfriends with knives and giant alligators before the big attempt to stop a bunch of explosions in a park, and rescuing a dog. The dog bit is important because it’s Miyama’s redemption after being told that his predictions actually cause the events. It’s all rather sweet because we still didn’t know about Miyama. He could be an evil villain, the way this show works. But nope, he’s a good-hearted kid and bonds with Kuroko. I’m not sure we’ll see him again in the series unless they need a plot-enhancement, and by the way we don’t see Misaka at all, or Saten for that matter, but they tease her return nicely in the preview.

You too! Welcome back!

I’m happy to see Houkago Teibou Nisshi again too. Every season needs a peaceful, silly series where you might actually learn something. After half an episode where Hina looks for a cute windbreaker and a hat, they go off to catch squid. I am reminded again that I will never be a good fisherman if only because the knots they use look so complicated and I can barely sew on a button. Not to mention killing the fish. In the end, only Ohno manages to catch one. There’s no lesson or point to be made in that. Sometimes the fish are biting and sometimes they aren’t. After that it’s a brief scene where they eat squid sashimi and that’s about it, and that’s all the show needs.

Back to the new shows. In Lapis Re:LIGHTS there has been no indication that the girls’ scores are improving, and Yue is still being mean to Tiara. I think it has to do with her sister, but whatever the reason, the show just flips past these issues to introduce even MORE new girls, this time three sisters, the youngest, Kaede having fallen out with the middle, Nadeshiko. So she sleeps with the Lapis team and humphs a lot. Elsewhere, Tiara visits school clubs, some appropriate, and some, like the “cabaret club,” definitely not. We get the reason why Kaede’s so angry eventually–Nadeshiko wants to change their band’s format (everyone seems to be in a band at this school. I’m surprised that Lapis hasn’t started one) to make it a sort of traditional Japanese rock. And of course they reconcile after encountering some nasty monsters in a forest and hanging from a cliff. Once again the story meanders from place to place and we haven’t gotten to the main issues yet. Surely sooner or later they’ll run out of girls to introduce.

Not gonna happen.

Now back to Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha to find out what the hell is up with Sasha, being nice to her and then sort of killing her and walking off triumphantly, oh, and Misha claiming she doesn’t actually exist. Turns out there was some kind of spell cast way back when which took part of Sasha’s fetus and made a new one, or something like that. Cult-babble, in other words. At least her motivations are made clear. She did some kind of spell herself which would allow herself to die and let Misha live, but for it to work Misha has to reject her, which of course could not happen. More cult stuff then as they go back in time to change or destroy the spell, which pisses off the God of Time, and then another guy shows up and, well, there were a lot of cultist spells and stuff. None of it matters to Anoth, of course, who stands there being omnipresent, and both girls are saved, and friendly again. Nice lightshow, too. The thing that interests me is the impression Anoth gives about what a demon lord should be like. He says like him. In other words he is the one who decides what a demon lord should be like, not good or evil or stuff learned in that magic school. There’s a nice lesson in self-empowerment there, though being so powerful it’s easy for him.

Meet Kurenai. I wonder what robot is playing her.

Deca-Dence 4 has Natsume fighting bravely to save Pipe and catching the eye of the legendary fighter Kurenai, who, incidentally, has a huge crush on Kaburagi. So she joins the team and meets her teammates, one of whom gets annoyed for a mysterious reason that this perfectly ordinary anime will explain later. However, this is NOT a perfectly ordinary anime, and the next battle, which will defeat the Gadoll once and for all, is actually a feint by the game to kill off most of the players. Kaburagi learns this after he’s re-promoted to fighting. So above the regular story of Kaburagi and others trying to talk Natsume out of fighting a doomed battle (she doesn’t know) and Natsume searching deep in her heart and fighting anyway, is the truth that the battle is rigged against them. So the entire anime us using tropes to embellish a game which is used to embellish the lives of little robot things, or something like that. Anyway, Natsume is doomed, or is she? She IS a bug after all, and can possibly do things that the game isn’t supposed to permit. I’d like to see how that pans out. But anyway, expect the next episode to be full of doom and despair much of the time as the fighters are killed off.

One thought on “Railgun and fishing girls return, and other shows

  1. “it’s a typical RailDex story arc taking its first steps.”

    I said as much in my review… RailDex is never in a hurry to get going, it always has to finish it’s coffee and tell one more anecdote before heading out the door. At the same time, you still need to pay attention because they tend to slip stuff in that _will_ be on the test.

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