Uzaki and Monster Musume 4, Houkago 5, Maou Gakuin 5-6, Deca-dence 5

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Uzaki-chan wa Asobitai 4, like the others, is divided into sketches. First it’s a little gaming, then Shinichi gets dragged off by you-know-who to get blue-light blocking glasses, all the usual, and a little slow for me. It then gets downright weird when they play the show’s version of Pokemon Go. Shinichi keeps capturing gorillas. That’s not the weird part. Later on a crowded train they are crushed together, if you get the image, and Shinichi goes into a trance. That’s not the weird part either. The weird part is that the person behind Shinichi, butting him into Uzaki, is a man dressed as a gorilla. The show takes it no further, Shinichi never even sees the man, and we’re left waiting for a punchline that is never delivered. … After that Uzaki comes over and they play more games, and both have a good time. Shinichi seems to be actually warming up to Uzaki. As for the latter, I don’t think the show would be remotely as interesting without Oozora Naomi’s excellent voice work. I think I’d watch an episode just to hear her snicker.

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Monster Musume no Oisha-san can turn on the serenity when it wants, but in episode 4 they turn on the action and danger, meaning a bunch of harpy egg-peddling smugglers get beaten up by various characters we’ve met before. Along the way Glenn manages to help a harpy girl give birth–to an egg, but it was stuck up there you see, so extracting it comes off as a human giving birth. It’s all routine stuff, the more interesting bit is the revelation that Sapphee comes from a long line of assassins, and she was supposed to kill Glenn if the human-monster negotiations went badly. All under the bridge now, since the show constantly makes pains to show that humans and monsters are coexisting quite nicely in that faux-European village. This time it’s the centaur Tisalia making the speech before beating up a mook. The other interesting thing is that Sapphee actually comes on to Glenn at the end. I wasn’t expecting that to really happen, or if so, not so soon in the series.

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The girls meet Sayaka, their club advisor.

There must be a rule in anime that the more offbeat the club is, the weirder the advisor. in Houkago Teibou Nisshi 5 we meet Sayaka, their advisor, feared by even the prez and Ohno, not that she’s strict or anything but because she’s a drunk who uses the fishing club’s catch as bar food, especially at the end of the month when she’s out of money. That is to say, she fits right into the show. This week the catch is clams, including a muddy crisis for Hina and Natsumi–you know Hina was going to get muddied up at the end of that. That was amusing enough, and they get a lot of clams, including a big rare one that Hina finds. Alas for them Sayaka shows up the next day right when they’re about to cook and eat the things. Sayaka does all the drunk things, guzzles beer, gets all lovey-dovey, and passes out on the couch. As for that big clam, well, this time I think the show was too mean to poor Hina.

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The game aftermath.

Lapis: ReLIGHTS 5 sets the standard for eccentric behavior in this series as two of the other groups are summoned to the forest to look out for supernatural phenomena, while the Lapis team, wanting to go help out, plays a weird board game with Lucy to get the map. So we have two sets of girls doing weird things in different places. It’s hard to figure out what exactly is supposed to be supernatural in this episode where every girl is capable of magic and uses it freely. I guess they mean “spooky ghost stuff,” which one of the girls does indeed see–and is so scared she neglects to tell her teammates. We also have Yue singing among the fireflies and turning slightly transparent, a bear, catching fish by smacking the water, making doors on trees so they can sleep inside, a nifty camping trick there. On the Lapis side it’s more mundane silliness as the board game requires them to do embarrassing things. None of it really holds together, but it’s a two-parter and the girls have the map now, so maybe they can wrestle a story out of this yet.

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Maou Gakuin no Futekigousha 5 gives us some background on other hybrids at the school, all female for some reason. And one of them, Misa, has formed a group of “Unitarians” in order to get full rights for her kind. Not unexpectedly they are all Anoth fangirls who are capable of fainting at the sight of him. The show plays it up for laughs. But the real story is the appearance of Ray, who was Anoth’s right-hand-man 2000 years ago but doesn’t remember it. Ray’s a nice combination of pretty-boy nonchalance and snark, also, though he’s royalty he has no interest in bloodlines or inherited status, and though they have to fight a duel, Anoth takes a liking to the lad immediately. Also, he’s the best swordsman Anoth’s encountered since his return. It’s rather refreshing to get another male character into the mix.

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Misha interrupts the scene to be cute.

And episode 6 is setting up a new story arc, where Anoth and Ray are both chosen to participate in a swordsman tournament. One of his subordinate demon lords suggests it’s a trap, that he shouldn’t do it, and maybe then the fake lord, Anoth Dilhevia will reveal himself, though he gives no reason for this fantasy. In the end Anoth decides to participate anyway, no surprise, since he’s so powerful he can, as he says, blast through any trap they set for him. My question is why does it matter to him at all, apart from maybe confronting Dilhevia, which can be done some other time. Why think about not competing? All I can think of is that his parents are so proud of him and are there to see him, and the show wants to show us how much he cares for them. Okay, but kind of contrived. Elsewhere there’s more intrigue here and there, and there’s whatever Ray is hiding, though he might just be concerned about his mother, who is sick with something even Anoth hasn’t heard of. Oh, and there’s a cute date with Misha. Oddly enough, apart from an early dinner scene (gratin again?) Sasha doesn’t show up at all, which makes me wonder if she’s involved with this story behind the scenes … Nah, then they’d at least do a quick cut to her doing something. Maybe she’s setting up the next story arc.

Two episodes behind Deca-dence (no pic, sorry. I seem to have mislaid it), and I’ll do one here. I figured the battle, since the gears and tankers weren’t supposed to live, was going to be a bloody affair full of heartbreak, and it starts out like that. But Natsume’s participation draws Kaburagi into the fray, and he winds up beating the unbeatable Gadoll Alpha. This throws the set game world into frantic activity as he’s completely ruined the story line, and so they bring in the unfinished Gadoll Stargate, which they also defeat. Meanwhile the questions about what is real and what is not remain unanswered. It seemed for a minute that the Stargate thing posed a threat to the robot world, but that turns out not to be the case. So why they’re running this “game,” and place so much value in the story line, is still a mystery. Afterwards a sunny world appears, full of Gadoll, but they’re just wandering around not bugging anyone. Nonetheless there’s consternation all around. Kuburagi is killed, or maybe reset, as is expected, claiming the world NEEDS bugs, maybe because they think outside the game to a higher world somewhere. So what next? My theory (certainly already disproven by what happens in episode 6, which I haven’t seen yet) is that the robot/game people feed on the Gadoll for energy, and this is all a ruse to get that green fluid so they can keep going. And maybe the Gadoll are innocent victims to bloodsucking slaughter. I guess I’ll find out soon enough.

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